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Sep 13 2023

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As a typical Piscean - who loves nothing more than a leisurely swim with a view followed by a glass of fizz on a lounger (drinks like a fish… Moi?) - there could be something to be said for choosing a spa according to your horoscope. And how can you go wrong with something that matches your personality? So, whether you’re a laid-back Libran or a kind Capricorn, we’ve found the best spas for you. Not sure which star sign you are (tsk)? We’ve noted the dates down for you.

Dates: 20 Jan – 18 Feb
Symbol: water-bearer
Sign type: air
Traits: innovative, progressive, revolutionary

With their mission to make the world a better place, eco credentials are going to be high on the list of priorities for Aquarians visiting a spa. Finalist in the Best Spa for the Eco-conscious category of the 2023 Good Spa Guide Awards, The Spa at Carden is making significant green strides despite its size. An official member of Green Tourism, water from the spa is used to hydrate the two championship golf courses, as well as wash all the tractors and lawnmowers used to maintain the vast estate.  

19 Feb – 20 Mar
Symbol: fish
Sign type: water
Traits: sensitive, intuitive, empathetic

If a Piscean isn’t languishing in the bath, they’re swimming lengths in a pool, wallowing in a hot tub or staring at the sea. Buxton Crescent Health Spa’s range of pools and water treatments is second-to-none, with its natural thermal waters warmed by a local spring. After a swim in the thermal pool – with its traditional Victorian glass roof - or a wallow in the warm rooftop pool, Pisceans can book a mineral bath treatment, an underwater jet massage or a wave balance ritual.  

Dates: 21 Mar – 19 Apr
Symbol: ram
Sign type: fire
Traits: bold, outdoorsy, competitive

Sporty Aries will want something more to do at the spa than sit in a hot tub, with surfing, running, tennis and golf all to play for. The Spa at Gleneagles is so vast it’s got more to do outside than in, with fishing, falconry, shooting, golf, racquet and lawn games, tree climbing, off-road driving, horse riding and cycling all on offer. After a high-energy pursuit, relax in the spa with its leafy décor, own brand of essential oils, mud rituals and Beauty Lodge.

Dates: 20 Apr – 20 May
Symbol: bull
Sign type: earth
Traits: down-to-earth, sensual, romantic

Sensual Taurians are drawn to bucolic, cosy environments with a little luxury thrown in – think cashmere blankets and beautiful food. Afternoon tea will not only appeal to a Taurian’s tastebuds but their love of the finer things. The Tea Room at The Midland has been the height of the social scene since 1903 with six afternoon tea menus, as well as 12 blends of tea and tea-infused cocktails. Rena Spa is a cosy retreat with hanging pods, Germaine de Capuccini treatments and an Alderwood sauna.

Dates: 21 May – 20 Jun
Symbol: twins
Sign type: air
Traits: spontaneous, playful, erratic

One just isn’t going be enough when it comes to fellow Geminis, who are said to display yin-and-yang, Jeckel-and-Hyde characteristics (they are represented by twins, after all). To enjoy the best of both worlds, Geminis will need both the facilities and the treatments at a spa to be top notch; The Club at Cottonmill will deliver. Sprawling inside and out, the spa’s pools, heat rooms, hot tubs and gardens are as beautiful as they are beneficial; the treatments and food nourishing and nurturing.

Dates: 21 Jun – 22 Jul
Symbol: crab
Sign type: water
Traits: protective, caring, family-orientated

Be it large or small; extended or blended, caring Cancerians are all about family. While most spas won’t allow children inside, The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental has launched a range of Mini Mo treatments for children aged six and up, including Oskia Young-Skin facials, manicures, pedicures and Family Crystal Singing Bowl classes. The stainless-steel lap pool makes a statement; the gym, studio and recovery room are more of a shrine to fitness than a workout. Treatments go above and beyond.

23 Jul – 22 Aug
Symbol: lion
Sign type: fire
Traits: passionate, dramatic, firey

Firey Leo’s aren’t afraid of a little heat, tending to prefer summer to winter and beach holidays to skiing. A spa with plenty of heat experiences will suit Leos down to the ground, and where better than an Aqua Sana Spa. With five to choose – at Woburn, Elveden, Sherwood, Whinfell and Longleat - each with around 25 experience rooms, the majority dedicated to heat, Leo’s will be toasty in no time. Sherwood’s glass-fronted tree-top sauna – with its vast forest views - has the real wow factor.

Dates: 23 Aug – 22 Sep
Symbol: maiden
Sign type: earth
Traits: logical, practical, multi-taskers

Forget all the pomp and circumstance, busy Virgos won’t want to waste time at a spa unless they have something to show for it, making it less about being pampered and more about getting results. At Akasha Holistic Wellbeing, spiritual and meditation mentors, specialist aquatic bodywork practitioners, yoga teachers, personal trainers and Qi specialists are all on hand to offer advice, impart wisdom and bend you into shape. There’s also a Hammam, a floatation tank and Watsu pools.

Dates: 23 Sep– 22 Oct
Symbol: scales
Sign type: air
Traits: friendly, charming, home-lovers

Home-loving, balanced Librans love nothing more than prettying up their abodes and tending to their colourful gardens. The Greenhouse Spa at The Elms Hotel – with its rustic feel, hanging plants and gardening tools - will make them feel right at home. Set in a separate annexe behind the hotel, the glass-heavy, light-flooded spa is surrounded by manicured garden; the apex roof of the indoor pool seemingly used to hang plants-a-plenty. Temple Spa takes care of treatments.

Dates: 23 Oct – 21 Nov
Symbol: scorpio
Sign type: water
Traits: courageous, ruthless, single-minded

With their unusually large cup of courage, Scorpios are primed for trying new things, and a trip to The Bathhouse Banya isn’t for the faint-hearted. A felt hat must be worn for the traditional Parenie treatment, an intense steam massage performed with soaked leaves; use an ice bucket to cool down afterwards (we implore you not to yelp) or jump into the cold plunge pool. Shots of Vodka, and plates of fish and beetroot keep things Eastern European.

Dates: 22 Nov – 21 Dec
Symbol: archer
Sign type: fire
Traits: spiritual, adventurous, intelligent

Spiritual Sagittarians will feel right at home in a holistic spa like Champneys Forest Mere, where Angel Affirmation Cards, Tarot Readings, Psychic Healing, Crystal Reiki and Hypnotherapy are taken with more than a pinch of salt. The destination spa itself is vast, with several pools (indoor; Thalassotherapy), mud therapy, a menu of some 90 treatments and a wide range of classes, from HIIT to hula-hooping.

Dates: 22 Dec – 19 Jan
Symbol: sea goat
Sign type: earth
Traits: persistent, hard-working, ambitious

Hard-working Capricorns won’t have a lot of time for a spa but, if there, will opt for something that helps them in their quest for career greatness. A knot-busting massage, a cold-busting steam or an injury-reducing physio session will help them keep their eye on the prize. Goodwood Health & Wellbeing is an all-rounder when it comes to wellbeing, with gut health a priority. Sign up for a five-day retreat and give your gut health a mighty overhaul.


Stylish Spy

13th September 2023

Spy Likes:

Minimalist lines; organic products; facial massage; tranquillity; interesting people-watching.

Spy Dislikes:

Discarded towels on loungers; steam rooms that aren't steamy; mobile phones.

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