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  • Author

    Scarlet Spy

  • Age 40s
  • Skin type Normal/dry

Spa Likes

"Beautiful interiors, luxurious swimming pools, being pampered, long massages, quality food."

Spa Dislikes

"Noisy echoes, overlooking facilities, thin walls in treatment rooms, cramped spa layout."

About this spy

Scarlet Spy is our newest Spa Spy but already has strong opinions on what makes or breaks a spa. Colour, texture and beautiful architecture make her a happy Spa Spy.

“I like to enter a spa and be wowed by what I see. Architectural wonder and a splash of colour make for a day where I can escape into a different world and enjoy visually stimulating surroundings while having an indulging swim, dreaming in a hot tub, or dozing on a warm, sunny lounger. Drab design, noise or a busy spa will puncture the cosy bubble I like to float in."

— Scarlet Spy

Recent writing by Scarlet Spy: