Trends: Sex, Pets and Sleep Retreats

Feb 12 2020

Scarlet Spy

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ariations on Valentines

This month, our Eco Millennial spa spy has a blog on Galentine’s Day, invented in a popular US sitcom but now a real thing, Feb 13 is a day celebrate the love of your gal friends, and what better way than at a spa...

Meanwhile, a survey by the National Retail Federation says that one in five Americans buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. While cat friendly spas are yet to kick off (there are, however, cat cafés across the UK), there are plenty of spa hotels where you can take your dog, albeit not into the spa itself. Book dog friendly rooms at Alexander House & Utopia Spa and South Lodge in Surrey.

Sexual Healing

The idea of even mentioning periods and menopause a few years ago was taboo. Now we can all talk openly about hormones and sexual health - and it's something the spa world is taking seriously. Lifehouse Spa in Essex have been running their two-night menopause break for a while now. If you want a retreat dedicated to women’s health, Portugal’s Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel have a Women’s Health Optimisation retreat which includes a gynaecological consultation and hormone therapy, as well as clinical evaluations, vitamin boosts and acupuncture sessions. Meanwhile, the New York based V-Spot Medispa aims to expand into Europe and London in 2020. As the name suggests, the spa offers intimate health treatments, from O-Shots to aid orgasm to rejuvenating FemiLifts.

Sleep Retreats

The popularity of Sleep Retreats is on the rise, alongside apps that monitor our sleep cycles and experts proclaiming a solid night’s sleep (7 hours) is essential for good health.

But what happens on a sleep retreat, and are they good for insomnia?

The best sleep retreats offer more than a bit of yoga, meditation, massage and pillow mists, although a relaxing spa setting is certainly key. The serious retreats are run by experts who have experience with sleep issues.

The Sleep Retreat at Lucknam Park
March 23-25, from £462 per night

Just two hours from London, this bucolic country retreat is run by hypnotherapist Fiona Lamb, Qi Gong teacher Tallulah Rendall, and Lucknam’s stable manager Dawn Cameron, who run an Equine Therapy session as part of your two-night stay. Mindful meditation and hypnotherapy sessions will help you unblock your resistances to sleep. Our Spa Spy recently tried The Sleep Retreat at Lucknam Park. You can read about it here.

Sleep Diagnostics, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
Throughout the year, from £3,834 for three days

If you want to get serious about sleep, head to this medical spa in the mountains. Have your sleep monitored with video-polysomography – a state-of-the-art machine that can track your eye moments, respiration, sleep cycles, leg movements and ECG – and a thorough health check, then a consultant will send you away with practical advice.

Sweet Dreams, LeFay Resort and Spa, Lake Garda, Italy
Throughout the year, £2,117 for five nights

Acupuncture is the key tool in this sleep programme, with the aim of rebalancing the energy meridians, plus a hormone check-up as hormonal changes can seriously mess with your shut eye. The programme includes two acupuncture sessions, energy massages, guided walks, and personalised phytotherapy (herbal medicines). Activities to rebalance energy include Qi Gong, holistic season activity and stretching meridians. 


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12th February 2020

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