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Mar 11 2015

Scarlet Spy

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Over the winter months we tend to forget about our feet, they are hidden by warm socks and weather-appropriate footwear! Yet when the summer sandals come out of the wardrobe it might not be such a surprise that your feet just don’t look or feel pretty enough to be on show. Getting a pedicure can be a quick fix, but doing some low level, continuous foot care maintenance can help keep your feet soft and conditioned so that they’re ready for the summer at a moment’s notice. Keep on top of calluses, cracked skin and slough off dead skin cells during the winter months. We think spring is the perfect time to begin to slather on a good shea butter or moisturising foot balm, but how do you know which is the best foot cream to use?

As with face and hand moisturisers and lotions, you need to choose the right one for your skin. Some people suffer dry skin patches on their feet, others rough or even cracked heels. The bottom of your feet will be different to your overall skin type, but there may still be ingredients that are more efficient, that you cannot have, or may prefer. For instance do you like greasy or fast-absorbing cream?

If you have generally healthy feet that simply need some hydrating and moisturising, then natural based oil ingredients such as vegetable, olive or coconut oils will keep them beautifully soft.

If you suffer from dry feet with rough or hard heels then keep an eye out for ingredients that will help seal and repair skin, such as glycerine or petroleum jelly. Paraffin wax can also relieve pain if you have bad cracking.

You can also help prevent infections and keep your feet healthy with antibacterial essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree oil, and menthol or vitamin-full ingredients such as rosewater, honey, and Indian lilac (neem).

The Spa Spies have tried, tested and compared our favourite foot creams. Here are our top four products to help prepare your tired feet for summer sand and sunshine.

Coconut Foot Cream by Burt’s Bees
Perfect for cracked and sore heels.
"The intense moisture really soaked into the skin."
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ZenSpa Intense Heel Repair Crème by Jessica
Perfect for rough and dry heels.
"It felt cool and silky to apply, and super soft once dry."
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Fresh Blossom Heel Cream by Ragdale Hall
Perfect for normal to dry heels.
"Lovely for a bit of tingly-toed foot pampering."
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Heel Genius by Soap and Glory
Perfect for hard and discoloured heels.
"The cream rests on the hard skin and really works to soften it."
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