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Jan 16 2015

Summer Spy

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Post party

If you've eaten too much, drunk too much and/or had a few late nights recently, you skin may be feeling rather dehydrated. Choosing the right moisturiser is an important part of getting your skin back into peak condition.

A good moisturiser

When selecting a moisturiser your skin type is really important, what works for your friends may not work for you.

If you have normal skin it's good to opt for a cream based moisturiser, rather than a lotion or ointment. It should give you the perfect balance between not getting enough moisturiser and your skin feeling dry and getting too much and your skin clogging up. Just so you know… we're all very envious of your perfect skin!

If you have oily or combination skin it's best to look for an oil-free or non–comedogenic lotion.  It might also be worth trying a product that includes zinc oxide; the compound can help decrease sebum production which clogs up pores and can lead to spots.

If you have dry skin you may want to look for a moisturiser that includes an occlusive. Occlusives create a barrier between your skin and the outside elements, sealing in your skin's natural moisture and preventing the cold and wind getting to your skin.

Book in to see a facialist

Now's the time to book yourself in for a facial, or a series of facials if you can push the boat out. A good facialist will assess your skin and choose the right products and techniques for you. 

But it is good to do your research, do you need a deep clean or a deep moisturise? Our feature on how to choose the right facial will help you find your perfect match.

Try natural and organic

If your skin is irritated by the wind, cold or perhaps even food or drink, using natural and organic products might help balance your skin. Sassy Spy swears by organic.

If you take a look at the label of skincare products it can be pretty overwhelming. There can be long lists of chemicals, or indeed natural extracts that look like chemicals. Would you put butyrospermum parkii on your skin? Actually, shea butter is a great moisturiser, despite its rather scary name!

There are lots of great British natural and organic brands. If you want to go organic, look for the Soil Association symbol which means the product must contain at least 95 per cent organic ingredients. You can find out what makes a product natural or organic in our feature here.

Glow from the inside out

What we put on our skin can help boost outside appearances, but if you've been burning the wick at both ends you may need to rebalance on the inside too.

Top tips include getting plenty of sleep; you may be in the deficit after Christmas and New Year! Your body goes into repair mode while you sleep; new skin cells grow to replace old skin cells. The good news is that your body is quick to repair itself. Get a good night's sleep and it will start to show the following day.

Drinking lots of water isn't going to reduce fine lines and wrinkles you've accumulated over time, but if you're dehydrated it can temporarily exacerbate dry skin and wrinkles. Make sure you drink enough water each day; there are lots of other health benefits including keeping your kidneys, muscles and bodily functions in check.

Not only are there plenty of health benefits from eating more fruit and veg, but a 2012 study in Scotland came to the conclusion that it actually makes you more attractive (1). The research suggests that the amount of fruit and veg you eat affects the colour of your skin. Participants' skin was healthier and rosier after they ate only one more piece of fruit and veg a day. Now if the health benefits aren't enough to change your diet, maybe the skin improvement will be!

Keep your skin smooth, soft and protected during the worst of the winter. Here are our favourite moisturisers for inspiration:

Anne Semonin Extreme Comfort Cream
Perfect for very dry and sensitive skin
"It kept my skin supple and moisturised in harsh winter weather."

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity Moisturiser
Perfect for normal to combination skin
"It's lovely to use, easy to apply and nice to wear."

Carita Genesis of Youth Cream
Perfect for dry or very dry skin
"In cold weather my skin feel much softer after using the cream."


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16th January 2015

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