Review: Fresh Blossom Foot Cream by Ragdale Hall

Mar 11 2015

Summer Spy

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Reviewed by:  Swanky Spy
Age: 46
Skin type: Combination

We reviewed Fresh Blossom Foot Cream by Ragdale Hall (£6.00 for 100ml)

First impressions:

I have high expectations. Ragdale Hall is a top spa and Marks and Spencer is no slouch when it comes to quality, so I'm hoping this foot cream is going to be great. Having said that, the packaging isn't terribly inspiring. Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream has recently been given a new look but the silver deco lettering on a pale, dusty pink tube doesn't entirely shed the traditional, slightly antiquated feel of its predecessor.

What’s in it:

Peppermint oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and nigella sativa seed oil all feature on the ingredients list, nestled amongst the usual less appetising-sounding chemical compounds. Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream carries the Leaping Bunny logo so it's good to know that the ingredients have not been tested on animals.


Foot creams have quite a job to penetrate the thick skin of a hard-working foot. Generally they feel heavy, even sticky, and they can take an age to sink in enough to risk getting dressed or getting into bed if you're using them at the end of the day. So I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to massage Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream into my feet. It's definitely thicker than a normal moisturising cream but after a few minutes I can get into bed without adding spa socks to protect my sheets. And the cream smells great! A definite peppermint fragrance that is zingy and refreshing.


Marks and Spencer claim that Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream will leave your feet feeling "refreshed, smooth and soft".  The truth is that my feet are a tad neglected right now so any foot cream is going to struggle to make an impact. Using Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream definitely improved most of the skin on my feet and the more hoof-like areas didn't get any worse. And because it is so easy to apply I found I used it every night. All the rubbing in and waiting around or putting on socks you normally have to do with foot creams meant that I often didn't bother. (Which probably explains why my feet were looking so unloved.)


At £6.00 for 100ml, Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream is excellent value. You don't have to use a lot for each application so it lasts well too.

Final verdict:

Ragdale Hall Fresh Blossom Foot Cream requires minimum effort to use and helped me to make friends with my feet again. It probably doesn't have the oomph to sort out seriously cracked heels or thickened skin but it's lovely for a bit of tingly-toed foot pampering. 


Summer Spy

11th March 2015

Spy Likes:

Warmth and sunshine; spas which take me away to another country; fruit infused waters; beach-worth pedicures; deep tissue massages.

Spy Dislikes:

High footfalls; treatments that over promise and under deliver; heavy lunches; loungers drapped in used towels.

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