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Jan 26 2022

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With the majority of spa treatments already designed around the majority of spa-goers – you guessed it, women – you could say we are pretty well catered for. But with hormonal changes, menstruation, pregnancy, breast-feeding and menopause on the menu - not to mention infertility or cancer - womens’ bodies go through an awful lot.

Thankfully, taboo subjects like menopause are finally being talked about – hell, celebrated – and the industry is dedicated to helping women through their bumpy (but brilliant) journeys. We round up the best treatments for womankind.

Best for: pregnancy
Treatment: Precious Moments Mum-to-Be Massage (60 mins, £85)

As the majority of massages require women to lie on their front for part of the time, they have traditionally been a no-go for pregnant women. But with some cleverly-shaped pillows and some re-thinking to conduct the treatment with the woman on her side, a massage with a belly bump can be possible. Not everybody does it well though (something we can personally attest to) which is why we recommend the Precious Moments Mum-to-Be treament: a belly wrap for preventing stretch marks, a seaweed foot wrap to stop the ankles from swelling, and a relaxing massage.
Try it at: Hoar Cross Hall

Best for: cancer and cancer recovery
Treatment: anything from Jennifer Young

Image: Tom Griffiths

Whether it’s breast, ovarian or other types of cancer, women going through - or recovering from - such an ordeal need to be treated with love. Asked to create a skincare range for cancer patients at her local hospital, Jennifer Young (pictured above) is now the word in cancer spa-ing. Choose from a chakra-balancing Mind and Body Balance massage, a glow-inducing Blissful Facial or a nail-repairing mani/pedi, each using 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Therapists performing these treatments must undergo accredited training, such as Oncology Touch training at The Jennifer Young Training School.
Try it at: Rena Spa at The Midland

Best for: menopause
Treatment: Natural Spa Factory’s Pause: Me (90 mins, £75)

Going through ‘the change’ affects women in different ways - some report it being a breeze, while others crawl to the doctor’s for HRT. Whichever version you experience, symptoms can range from anxiety and depression to loss of sexual appetite and hot flushes. Those overheating on a regular basis should shun thermal suites and hot stone massages in favour of bucket showers, plunge pools and ice rooms. Natural Spa Factory’s Pause: Me treatment - from their I Am Woman range – is specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, with hormone balancing aromatherapy oils and an icy cool collagen mask.
Try it at: Lifehouse Hotel & Spa

Best for: insomnia
Treatment: Neom Sleep (60 mins, £90)

Peri-menopausal? Stressed at work? Child struggling at school? Whatever your reason for not sleeping, you’re not alone. A huge proportion of women undergo bouts of insomnia at some point in their lives with anxiety, hormonal changes and a busy lifestyle – not to mention money issues - being the major cause. If you can’t get away for a sleep retreat, try Neom’s Sleep treatment instead - the hypnotic flicker of a candle combined with a massage using warm candle wax, where special attention is paid to key stress points in the head, face, neck and back, will have you drifting off in no time. Try Neom's Bedtime Hero collection at home, too.
Try it at: Rockliffe Hall

Best for: infertility
Treatment: acupuncture (35 mins, £50)

When there appears to be no medical reason for infertility, thoughts can turn to eastern medicine. Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese art of using thin needles to re-align Qi’s (or energy) and release blockages, is used to treat all manner of issues, and can help women on their path to parenthood. By releasing those chemicals to the brain that nudge the reproductive organs into action, stimulating blood flow to the uterus and inhibiting the stress hormone, conception can be achieved. A course of six treatments is usually recommended, together with some herbal teas to prepare, and drink, at home. They taste funky but it’s a small price to pay.
Try it at: Foxhills Club & Resort


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