The Good Spa Guide to Fathers Day

Jun 9 2014

Scarlet Spy


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Here’s where we let you in on a secret – men enjoy and benefit from spas just as much as women!
So if you’re thinking of treating your dad to a fathers day spa offer, look no further...

Benefits of spa-ing for men include:

  • Time off to relax and unwind
  • Relief from tension and aches
  • Clears the skin (men like to look good too!)
  • Enhances a gym or fitness session by easing muscles and relaxing tension

(Find out more by reading our feature on Spa Treatments for Men)

Debunking the rumours:

  • Spas are normally considered to be more of a woman's pastime but men and spa-ing go back decades. Think Roman and Turkish Baths, and Native American Sweat Lodges.
  • Spas can be floral-scented and full of candles it's true, but mens spa treatments will be more manly than the women's with scents such as sandalwood, cloves, and mint.
  • Spas require you to undress for treatments sometimes, but it's always done in a private and respectful way. You don't have to be naked, or any more exposed than you want to be.
  • Spa therapists do have to touch you, but in most spas you can choose whether to have a male or female therapist.
  • Spas are generally mixed-gender but some spas have dedicated men's areas, and you can choose to go to a male-only spa (they exist and are getting more popular)
  • Men can spa with a friend, a partner or family, it doesn't have to be just him!

(If you're still uncertain, feel free to read our feature Men's Spa questions answered)

Types of spa gift:

Spa break

A spa package that includes overnight accommodation. Perfect for couples or groups, and to fully escape from the stresses of everyday life. We recommend:

  • Just for Him Three Night Break at Ragdale Hall (£501 each):
    Thermal spa and gym facilities, all meals included, with massage, facial, hand treatment, and mud wrap. Luxury spa-ing at its best!

Spa day

A whole day spent at a spa. Spa days usually includes a treatment, use of full spa facilities, and a meal. Dad can indulge by himself if you feel he deserves some ‘me’ time, but spa days are also lovely opportunities to spend time together. We recommend:

  • Moroccan Father's Day Experience at Dolphin Square, London (£89):
    Treat your father to a 90-minute King Soloman Ritual with use of the steam and relaxation areas, tea and sweets, and if you bring a friend they can spa for half price!
  • Men's Experience at Norton House, Edinburgh (from £95): 
    A 55-minute facial and a 55-minute deep tissue massage, as well as full use of the health club and spa facilities. Norton House also have a Father’s Day Spa Day for just £39-49, where your Dad can de-stress, ease aches and revive the senses with a massage, beer and use of the health club and spa facilities.

Half day

This involves spending only half a day at a spa. Half days usually include a treatment, use of all facilities, and a snack, lunch or afternoon tea. There is less time to chill out, but this is still a fun opportunity to relax. We recommend:

  • One in a Million at Rockliffe Hall (£99):
    Allow Dad some man-space in the spa, with English breakfast upon arrival, use of all gym and spa facilities, and a 60-minute treatment – enough to spoil him rotten and be treated like a King.
  • Just for Him offer at Thermae Bath Spa, Bath (£99):
    Enjoy a four-hour spa session, a massage and facial, and a lunch or dinner two tasty dishes with a non-alcoholic drink.

Twilight packages

An evening spent at a spa, Twilight packages usually include the use of facilities, a treatment, and snacks. Advantages include: after-work hours for spa-ing during the week, less crowded facilities, often cheaper prices, and a more romantic setting if you're going as a couple. We recommend:

  • An Evening Escape at Garden Spa at The Bath Priory (from £49): 
    Enjoy a 30-minute treatment, cocktail at the bar, and full use of spa facilities.
  • Cosy Candlelight at Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshire (£65):
    Relax in the spa, have a 25-minute treatment, and deli-nibbles with a glass of prosecco or beer.

Treatment only

For those who just want the benefits of treatment, without use of any gym, wet or thermal facilities. Great for Dads without much time to spare, or for ‘gift-givers’ on a budget. We recommend:

  • Men's Vitaman Stress Busting Back Treatment at Lucknam Hall, Wiltshire (£96):
    Dad can experience a treatment that uses Indigenous Australian ingredients.
  • Mens Revitaliser at the Runnymede-on-Thames, Surry (£65):
    A tension relieving back, feet and lower legs massage.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way of giving Dad a present but allowing him to choose the time. Many spas offer gift vouchers, either discounted from the spa's prices or specialised to your requirements. Check with your chosen spa for more information!

If you want to stay local, find your nearest spa to Dad and see whether they have any special packages.


Scarlet Spy

9th June 2014

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