About Massage

Massage is a treatment that uses different kinds of physical...

Are swimming pools without chlorine better for you?

Chlorine often takes the blame for irritations that arise from using swimming pools, but is it really something to worry about?

Body treatments explained

A body treatment is a blanket term for a whole...

Choosing a spa type

Spas are not all the same! At The Good Spa Guide...

Facials: how to choose the right one for you

No matter where you’re having a facial, you choose it...

How much should I pay for a spa treatment?

Affordable or extravagant? Our guide to judging spa pricing in the UK. 

I am pregnant. Can I still go to a spa?

There are some treatments and facilities that you shouldn't try, but you can still enjoy a spa day. Here are our top tips for spa-ing during pregnancy.

I bought a spa voucher but can’t use it. What can I do?

Sometimes you can get a refund, sometimes you can't. Read our guide to your rights (and responsibilities).

I didn’t have a good time at a spa. How do I complain?

For most of us, a spa experience is a treat. If things go wrong, what's the best way to put those things right?

I want to ... lose weight

We've been wrapped, steamed, worked out and nutritionally balanced to bring you our guide on how to lose weight and look great!

I want to ... relax

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that life is hectic. When it comes to relaxation, these are The Good Spa Guide's must-have requirements for pampering perfection.

I want to detox

Detoxing isn't easy and it isn't fun. But what exactly...

London Spas

Spas in London are, of course, much like spas in other parts of the country...

Men’s spa questions answered

Are there spas just for men? Do you need to shave before a facial? The Good Spa Guide answers your questions.


Spas are all about the water, but it's hard to know sometimes where "baths" end and "pools" begin.

Spas for foodies

Fancy some luxurious spa treatments and some Michelin-starred cuisine? Here are our favourite destinations for spa-ing and dining.  

Spas with disabled access

How to find a spa with good wheelchair access and support for guests with a disability or mobility problem. 

Spas, weight and weight loss

We get asked lots of questions about spas and weight. Here we answer the ones you're afraid to ask...

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