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Jun 27 2023

Stylish Spy

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If you’re more inclined to download a class timetable than the treatment menu before heading to your spa of choice – or are going alone and would like some company - then you may be interested to try some of the more unusual classes hitting spa studios. From hula hooping and Puppy Yoga to Barre Fitness and Beat Box, Stylish Spy signs up.

Puppy Yoga

What is it?
Puppy Yoga began in the States in 2003 as a way for owners to work out with their canine companions; it hit the UK eight years’ later. Sessions take place in enclosed spaces with dogs permitted to roam around while their owners create yoga poses. Can’t manage downward-facing dog because your own dog is in the way? No matter… it’s all part of the fun.

Key benefits:
Fun, meet like-minded dog owners, can bring pup with

Try it at: The Runnymede on Thames


What is it?
Aquasana is a pool-based yoga-style exercise class combining yoga postures and Thai Chi with gentle karate moves. Designed for participants wishing to exercise without overexerting their muscles – or overheating – classes take place in heated indoor or outdoor pools. Find a pool with mineral-rich waters - or an incredible view (or both) - and you’re onto a winner.

Key benefits:
Increased flexibility, tension relieving, stretching and toning

Where to try it? Thermae Bath Spa

Hula hooping

What is it?

A favourite childhood past-time that’s making a comeback, hula hooping is a simple, fun exercise using a colourful plastic hoop. The idea is to hold the hoop at your waist, spin it to the right or left and – using your abdominal muscles – keep it spinning. Most Hula Fit classes work with weighted hoops making it easier to gain the momentum required to keep it spinning (phew).

Key benefits:
Slimmer waist, improved core strength, fun, easy to practice at home

Where to try it? Champneys Henlow

Barre Fitness

What is it?

If you’ve ever hankered for a dancer’s body (who hasn’t, frankly?), give Barre Fitness a go. Based around some of the dance moves found in ballet (1st and 2nd foot positions; pliés), together with Pilates, participants use a traditional ballet bar or handrail to help their balance while stretching to form beautiful shapes.

Key benefits:
Improved endurance, flexibility, strength and posture

Try it at: Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa

Beat Box

What is it?

Box to the beat with this high-intensity boxing class set to motivational music. Designed as a calorie-busting workout, the class combines basic boxing moves with challenging body weight exercises to get the heart - and blood - pumping. The discipline has become so popular over recent years, particularly amongst women, that more dedicated clubs are opening up.

Key benefits:
High energy, improved hand-to-eye co-ordination, tension relieving

Where to try it? Bamford Wellness Spa


Stylish Spy

27th June 2023

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Minimalist lines; organic products; facial massage; tranquillity; interesting people-watching.

Spy Dislikes:

Discarded towels on loungers; steam rooms that aren't steamy; mobile phones.

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