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Oct 2 2023

Savant Spy

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It’s official: we are all utterly worn out... A survey from YouGov reported that 25% of us are too tired even to make healthy life changes that would make us less fatigued, such as eating well and exercising more.

If you are too exhausted to commit to a regular routine, let us make life easier for you with the following spa solutions to your energy flatline.

Common-or-garden fatigue, or something else…?

From French fatigue to Latin fatīgāre (‘to weary, tire, vex, harass’), fatigue describes a state of almost constant physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. It’s somewhere beyond normal tiredness - and short of utter collapse. You are functioning just about enough to stagger on, yawning copiously, but without any enthusiasm or motivation.

If you are feeling so knackered that your limbs feel like led and your brain stuffed with cotton wool however many coffees and energy drinks you down - and however many extra winks you grab - fatigue could be the reason.

The causes of fatigue, however, could be multiple:

  • Stressful life events or workload
  • Recovery from a virus or illness
  • General overwhelm - let’s face it, a quick scroll through your news feed can feel like you’ve been hit by a tsunami of ennui
  • Work burnout
  • Being a parent/sandwich generation
  • Oh, and the obvious: lack of sleep

First, you want to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical reason for your malaise: try and keep an eye on how long it has been hanging around – is it transient or chronic? 

Then decide what kind of tired you feel and take our recommended spa remedies below.

Best for… rebooting after burnout

Swinton Estate Country Club & Spa offers a Wim Hof Retreat guaranteed to get your juices flowing with the iceman’s classic cold-water therapy and breathing techniques. Benefits include improved immune system, increased energy, revived circulation and better sleep – never mind that happy endorphin rush needed to get you back on track and loving your life. Check into your tree lodge with its private wood fired hot tub and hammock, brave the cold plunge for a body awakening, then warm up in the woodland sauna.

Best for… aching bones

If you’re experiencing that bone-achingly heavy exhaustion, the best thing for it is a sauna – one of our faves being the Kelo Sauna at Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes, located in the spa garden. Aches and pains often lead to fatigue, and the warmth of a sauna helps relax and soothe sore muscles. Sauna bathing has often been used to relieve fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as backpain, tension headaches and chronic pain. It’s always recommended you take a cold shower or plunge afterwards, and drink plenty of water.

Best for… escaping social fatigue

When you run out of energy to engage in a two-way conversation, you risk being a sponge to other people’s rants. Time to disengage and recharge with some me-time. Remind yourself who you are and what you want. At an educated guess, we’d say that a luxury spa day is at the top of your list - SenSpa at Carey’s Manor offers so many delights for those overloaded senses: you must wave goodbye to your beloved phone at reception for starters. After languishing in the spa, book an Ayurvedic massage for a blissful rebalance, and recline in the meditative Aphasphere Deluxe lounger afterwards.

Best for… an emotional reset

Feel like one more thing is going to cause an overwhelm of tears? Or need to pull over to the nearest layby for a scream? Why not head somewhere gorgeous and remote with an uber dramatic landscape where no one can hear you yelling or weeping over the sound of a gushing outdoor swan pipe – or indeed at a famously frisky Cumbrian waterfall. The outdoor pool at Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa has spectacular views of the Catbelll Mountains into which you may unleash your torments unbounded, then relax and revitalise with a few blissful days in the stylish modern spa.

Best for… breathing easy

On of the first signs of stress is shallow breathing which can result in chest pains. If you suffer with asthma or are recovering from a cold, this is going to be even more painful – and exhausting. Taking a lungful of fresh air is one of the best and instant ways to boost your energy. The inhalation of Himalayan salt is said to improve circulation, clear the lungs and draw toxins from the bodies - and King Street Townhouse Gym & Spa is the home to the only Himalayan Salt Cave in the North of England. A spell in a salt cave is also thought to reduce inflammation, one of the most debilitating effects of chronic stress.

Best for… a good night’s sleep

If your fatigue is caused by – or is causing – a lack of sleep, you aren’t alone, with a huge proportion of us falling short of the recommended (and holy grail) eight hours a night. Book yourself a Voya Mindful Dreams Ritual at the Spa at Ramside. The treatment includes a full body lavender and rosemary scrub, a sleep-inducing massage using long, Balinese strokes, and a cat nap in the candlelit Sleep Sanctuary with its soundwave therapy loungers and waterbeds.


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2nd October 2023

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