Spring rituals

Mar 22 2023

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As Spring arrives (albeit in a confusion of frost and rain right now), we think a pagan approach to meteorological unpredictability may be in order. Across cultures, a spring ritual is an appeal to Mother Earth to be kind to us this season; for the Goddesses to nurture us, keep us warm, safe and well fed.

It is also a reminder that we are profoundly intertwined with the natural world. There is a tendency to view a landscape and skies as ‘other’; something to gaze at, forgetting that we are also part of it, made of the same stuff, deeply influenced by the elements, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As trees, flowers, animals and insects burst forth with renewed energy and joie de vivre, we feel our hearts lift - and hopes blossom - as we emerge from our wintry hibernation and connect with the world again.

It is time to signal renewal and rebirth to your bodies, minds and souls by channelling your inner Spring Goddess at these sacred spa retreats.

The Spa at South Lodge Nature Immersion Spa Experience

This stunning, eco-friendly spa has put together a series of rituals to celebrate the Spring Equinox, led by local Swedish yoga teacher and forest bathing guide Helena Skoog. The day begins with a dash of Qigong and breathwork in the studio followed by a plant-based lunch, locally sourced from the South Downs. Then head off into the woods and immerse yourself in the forest language of renewal, hope, growth and regeneration, guided by Helena. After, enjoy the award-winning spa to your heart’s content, a fine dinner, sleepover, breakfast and more spa.

Luna Wilds Spa Woman’s Circle & Wild Spa Day Retreat

A safe space for women to come together in a circle, share stories, set intentions and let go. The circle is followed by a campfire-cooked brunch, then an afternoon in the wild spa. Clay masks and salt scrub treatments combined with sauna and a dip in the outdoors bathtub are on the menu. The day is a chance for like-minded women to get together and enjoy nature. Other workshops throughout the warmer months include Yoga, Herbs and Wild Spa, Self Care Saturdays, a weekend retreat of Wild Creativity and a Wim Hof workshop.

The Retreat New Forest’s Love and Light Late Spring Yoga Retreat

Set in a Georgian mansion on the Hampshire-Dorset borders - with its plant-based café and yoga classes - this fully immersive Spring retreat offers mindful forest walks through local ancient woodland, meditation, restorative yoga with blankets, gratitude practice, outdoor breath-work and journaling. The blurb promises a nourishing, heartfelt and soothing experience, to align our Vayu (life energies, also known as prana) and receiving love and light into our Anahata Chakra. It says ‘bring a pillow’ - how cosy.

Dartmoor National Park’s Women’s Spring Wild Weekend

The Living Project’s wild weekend launches with party in a 14th Century Barn, waking up to some wild yoga and, following breakfast, exploring the moors, tors and forests of Dartmoor. There will be time to stop, be mindful, reflect, journal and connect. Return to basecamp for a delicious vegetarian feast, and to gather around the campfire for a cacao ritual. Wake up on Sunday with a cold-water immersion in an enchanted woodland lake with Wim Hoff-style breath-work and coaching. Then it’s breakfast, more wild exploring, lunch and celebrations. Emerge connected to your wild side and full of the joys of spring.

Champneys Tring Spiritual Wellbeing Retreat Day

Led by Champneys’ in-house yoga legend Carla Williams, this energising and healing retreat consists of an invigorating Shakti yoga session in the morning, and a chill Yin yoga in the afternoon, as well as a crystal sound healing bath and spiritual workshop. Both yoga classes harness feminine energies and release your chi blockages, improving anxiety, insomnia and self-esteem through breathing, visualisations and relaxation.


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22nd March 2023

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