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Jan 19 2022

Stylish Spy

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Despite living in pollution-clogged London and falling into the pub with work colleagues several nights a week (I know, I know), I completed neglected my skin during my thirties. Now, pushing 50, I wish I’d given it more TLC – we’re not talking Botox or fillers but a cleanse and toner over a cheap face wash, and investing in separate moisturisers for day and night. I also wish I’d discovered daily-use sun-creams earlier and booked myself in for the odd facial.

Thankfully, the younger generation is altogether savvier, beginning their day with a less shambolic skin-hydrating routine, and investing in their health by drinking less (if at all) and fighting the fight against pollution. Clever things. They are also realising the benefits of a spa beyond a glass of fizz and a massage.

With this in mind, we asked our partners for advice on the best treatments for spa-goers in their 30s – here’s what they suggested.

Best for: vegans
Frank and Rose Facial

(55 mins, £115; 85 mins, £155)

This holistic vegan facial combines 100% natural ingredients and ancient cupping with a therapeutic body massage to relax the mind - and detox the body. Suitable for all skin types, oils containing soothing frankincense and rose to promote regeneration of skin cells and act as a barrier against pollution. 
Try it at: Utopia Spa at Alexander House

Best for: the Botox-curious
Willow Sorbet Youth Protect Facial
(60 mins, £95)

This wrinkle-busting facial uses products from Willow Organic Beauty's age preventative Sorbet Glow range – specifically designed for women in their 30s – to firmly give the ageing process the heave-ho. Gatuline Expression - a natural alternative to muscle relaxing injections – is combined with sustainably sourced Amazonian cacao oil, raspberry extract, mango butter, acai oil and pomegranate to reduce the appearance of premature lines.
Try it at: SenSpa at Carey’s Manor

Best for: extreme hydration
Comfort Zone Hydramemory facial

(60 mins, £90)

If downing eight glasses of water a day isn’t your thing, try this deep hydrating treatment from Comfort Zone instead. Designed to combat premature ageing caused by dehydration, the Hydramemory Facial includes a mask applied using a combination of massage and a Comfort Touch Brush. Off somewhere sunny? Book this treatment before jetting off to give your skin a fighting chance against the drying effects of flying - and the sun (always wear an SPF).
Try it at: Pennyhill Park, an Exclusive Hotel & Spa

Best for: dramatic results
Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial

(65 mins, £95)

This anti-ageing, multi-faceted facial is designed to increase smoothness in just one treatment, targeting blemishes, uneven skin tones, superficial scars and fine lines in its path. After a thorough cleanse, Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads are used to exfoliate, a papaya peel applied to flush out toxins, a mask painted on to brighten, and several serums and creams used to ensure visible pores don’t stand a fighting chance. Will your loved ones recognise you; we wonder?
Try it at: Foxhills Club & Resort

Best for: a treat
Natura Bissè Diamond Cocoon Facial

(75 mins, £180)

Got a significant birthday coming up? Hang the expense and splash out on a Natura Bissè’s Diamond Cocoon Experience, a treat of a treatment which not only reverses damage caused by modern pollution (that’s both pollutant particles and blue light) but prevents it going forwards. The treatment also targets wrinkles and dark spots using a cocktail of acids, exfoliators, masks, enveloping strokes, moisturising lotions and protecting mists. They don’t call it diamond for nothing.
Try it at: Aquarius Spa at Whatley Manor



Stylish Spy

19th January 2022

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Minimalist lines; organic products; facial massage; tranquillity; interesting people-watching.

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Discarded towels on loungers; steam rooms that aren't steamy; mobile phones.

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