Treatment review: ESPA at Verulamium Spa

Dec 12 2014

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Verulamium Spa, part of Westminster Lodge in St Albans, has just celebrated its second anniversary. On the first floor of the health club sits an oasis of calm; as soon as you step through the doors to Verulamium Spa the relaxed ambience envelopes you.

What products did they use?

The treatment uses ESPA products which combine aromatherapy, plant and marine extracts and are 99-100% natural with no chemicals or parabens. There are a wide range of products, so there's something to suit each skin type, condition or concern.

What happened before the treatment?

The spa is a short walk from St Albans town centre. It is easily accessible by train and has its own car park. Simple. 

When I arrived I was shown through to the changing rooms where I put on my fluffy white gown and headed to the hydrotherapy and heat experiences.

The Vitality pool has swan neck fountains which help to ease tension away from tight shoulders, and Jacuzzi bubbles that wake up your circulation. There's also a tepidarium with beautifully warm seats and beds, a laconium, steam room, caldarium, sauna and experience showers.

After sampling the facilities, I headed to the relaxation room to sit quietly before my therapist came to meet me. The room is linked to an outside terrace which would be a great suntrap in the warmer months.

Describe the treatment

My therapist, Nicola, met me in the relaxation area and guided me to the treatment room where I took a seat for the consultation. The room had been prepared with delicate low lighting and soft music and was perfectly warm.

Nicola asked me how I was feeling and how I wanted to feel after the treatment. She chose two body oils and put them on the back of my hands for me to make the final choice; the energising oil.

Nicola left the room while I stepped out of my robe and made myself comfortable on the large, warm treatment bed.

The Back, Face and Scalp Treatment includes a back massage with hot stones, personalised facial and a shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

The back massage was delicious and the hot stones were a welcome addition, giving an instant feeling of relaxation and comfort. After the massage, Nicola gently placed her hand on my shoulder and told me it was time for the facial element of the treatment.

Nicola started by using cool, refreshing eye pads to take off the remnants of my mascara, cleansed three times, and exfoliated my skin. My face felt awake and fresh.

The massage was heavenly. Nicola started with flowing movements to relax the facial muscles, used pressure points to release tension and finished with a very light lymphatic drainage massage.  I struggled to stay awake as the combination of the lighter movements and the scent of sandalwood in the oil were absolutely blissful.

Nicola applied a smooth, fresh mask to my face and neck, and placed cooling pads over my eyes. She massaged ESPA’s Pink Hair and Scalp Mud into my scalp and hair, great for those with an irritated scalp or dry split ends. The head massage used slow, careful movements to really encourage a deep state of relaxation.

Nicola used a hot towel to remove the mask, then applied an eye cream, serum and moisturiser that suited my skin. She gently told me that the treatment had finished.

Nicola gave me a glass of fruit-infused water, and reminded me to keep myself hydrated throughout the day.

How did you look/feel afterwards?

The treatment is designed to be personalised and make the whole body feel cared for. With a busy lifestyle and lots of driving, my back certainly felt relaxed and my skin hydrated and smooth. My hair was also beautifully conditioned.

Who would like this treatment?

Those who want to sneak away for a few hours to take advantage of the hydrotherapy and heat facilities before having the treatment. If you book a treatment that is 80 minutes or longer, you can use the facilities for free.

The spa could comfortably welcome small groups looking to celebrate an occasion; there is plenty of space in the spa facilities and café to share the experience.

The treatment is perfect for those who can't decide between a facial or a massage; it's a great combination of the two.

This treatment costs £120 for 90 minutes at Verlamium Spa.  You can also have this treatment at other ESPA spas.

12th December 2014

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