Traditional Thai Spa Treatments

Nov 4 2015

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Thai spa treatments draw upon an ancient healing system that works with your body’s ‘sen’ or energy meridian lines. Techniques combine acupressure (from Chinese medicine), stretching and posture correction (from yogic influences), Buddhist philosophy (the encouragement of healthy lifestyle and correct energy balance) and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine principles). The aim of a Thai treatment is to encourage the correct flow of energy around your body, bringing harmony and balance to your physical and mental state. This can help relieve stress and anxiety, raise energy levels, and promote an overall feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage therapy uses mainly acupressure and muscle stretching to free the body of blocked energy and achieve natural harmony and balance. During the treatment you will be fully clothed and lay on a mat on the floor. Your therapist will use their hands, feet, elbows, forearms and knees to manipulate and relax your body. You can read more on Thai massage in our Thai massage feature, with expert advice from head therapist at SenSpa at Careys Manor.

Herbal poultices

Thai herbal poultices are hot compresses of herbs tightly bound into fabric. They are pressed and massaged all over your body to soothe muscles and stimulate the senses. The most common herbs used in Thai poultices are turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime, camphor tree, cinnamon and tamarin, all of which smell divine Spa by Kasia’s Pultic Powered Muscle Release Massage uses Amber and Quartz, while SenSpa at Careys Manor use a blend of Thai herbs. For a wide selection of poultice massage and rituals, see Carden Park’s poultice treatments menu.

Foot massage

Thai foot massage works to unblock energy channels from the feet and legs, drawing upon reflexology techniques. A Thai foot ritual at a spa might involve a therapist washing or exfoliating your feet in herbal water or scrubs, working the ‘sen’ points with hands or a stick, and massaging Thai-inspired essential oils such as eucalyptus, camphor or jasmine into the skin. 

Thai spa rituals

Thai ritual treatments combine a mix of the above techniques to provide an ultimate pampering experience. They might also include oils, a scrub or a mask. You can find Thai rituals at all-Thai spas in the United Kingdom, and occasionally on the treatment menus of day spas using Asian techniques. Here are some of our favourite UK Thai-inspired spas:

SenSpa at Careys Manor

Set in the heart of the New Forest, SenSpa at Careys Manor embraces a full Thailand theme from the décor to the treatments to the Thai restaurant. We love their Sen Fusion Massage, a full body massage which combines Thai, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Swedish techniques and scented oil.

The Thai Spa at Lough Erne

The Thai Spa at Lough Erne Resort in Northern Ireland is decorated in warm burgundy tones and Thai wall murals, with dark furniture and colourful silk cushions. Add on the extensively Thai themed spa menu and you have an Asian spa paradise. Lough Erne’s Thai Herbal Healer signature experience uses full body massage, warm herbal poultices, and essential oils to melt away tension and diffuse heat throughout your body.

Thai Square Spa 

At Thai Square Spa in London you will find a genuine Thai experience hidden away from the busy city bustle. Their Body Revival Ritual consists of a scented body scrub, Thai ritual massage with hot herbal compresses and pressure point manipulation. You can also have an Essential Body Glow which includes a rejuvenating essential oil massage followed by a cocooning mask of Thai flavours turmeric, lemongrass, ylang ylang and honey.


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