Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble Experience

Oct 28 2015

Summer Spy

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Natura Bisse Bubble

Bubbles are in all of our favourite things: Champagne, Jacuzzis, spa ratings, chocolate... Bubbles just make things better!

In our love for all things bubbly, we practically tore the invitation from the very well-manicured hands of the people at Natura Bissé when they invited us to experience their Pure Air Bubble.

Natura Bissé say they have “created an exclusive place in which to perform treatments, where the air you breathe will be 99.95 per cent pure”. The place is a bright white bubble which zips up creating a seal for the air that’s pumped in. The system works to filter out allergens, bacteria and viruses leaving your skin even cleaner than a facial in the rather boring regular world.

Beyoncé is rumoured to have been there. And Madonna is thought to be a fan of Natura Bissé. Talk about following in the footsteps of icons. 

The Pure Air Bubble was waiting for me at The Spa at Pennyhill Park, which has just started working with the brand. Drag yourself away from the eight pools and multitude of thermal experiences and head to the quieter treatment wing.

The Bubble is larger than you may think. I’m about 5’6” and there was easily another foot or two in clearance space above my head. There was also a full treatment bed, shelves with products and a stand with iced water. Following the Natura Bissé branding, everything is sleek, white and calm.

I stepped inside the Bubble and settled onto the treatment bed. My therapist cleansed, cleansed and then cleansed again, laying bare my not so sparkling skin. I had a 90-minute Diamond Life Infusion facial -- the Life Infusion product has just won “Most effective spa product of the year” at a Chinese spa awards, and I can see why.

After the very thorough cleanse, my therapist used three different masks on my skin. For the first my therapist layered carbonated powder on my skin, and then brushed on serum botanica. The ingredients reacted creating a sense of very warm, powerful bubbles popping. The next mask used LED lights which work to promote collagen production. My therapist covered my eyes and gently placed the plastic mask with lights woven into the fabric onto my face. The lights glowed almost pink and white.

After massaging my skin focussing on pressure points and muscles that tend to sag with age, my therapist painted on the final, thick alginated mask. It pushes all of the rich moisturiser used during the facial into the skin. Its coolness felt like a beautiful counter balance to the other warmer masks. When it was peeled off, my skin soaked up the pure air in the Bubble: I could almost feel it drinking in the goodness.

As a final step my therapist applied an eye cream, lip cream and the Diamond White Oil-free Brilliant Sun Protection. I escaped to the changing room to check out the results and my skin was clearer, calmer and plumper. My husband asked me with an accusing tone why I was wearing make up at a spa. Rather smugly I replied “I’m not”. If I could just have this facial every day I would never need wear foundation again…

The Bubble is on my list of favourite things; Champagne, chocolate, Jacuzzis, Natura Bissé.


Summer Spy

28th October 2015

Spy Likes:

Warmth and sunshine; spas which take me away to another country; fruit infused waters; beach-worth pedicures; deep tissue massages.

Spy Dislikes:

High footfalls; treatments that over promise and under deliver; heavy lunches; loungers drapped in used towels.

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