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Apr 21 2022

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Hero shot Hyaluronic

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stumbled across that advert of Eva Longoria explaining how to say the ‘Hyaluronic’ while promoting a L’Oreal wonder cream (“Hy-al-ur-onic” she coos looking about 35 – she’s 47).

Despite the tongue twister, this hydrating, plumping ingredient has been on our lips longer than the likes of Niamicide, Retinol or Squalane, with its benefits now well documented. Stylish Spy recommends products for lovers of this moisture-boosting ingredient.

OSKIA Isotonic Hydra-Serum
(30ml, £64)
Using a serum can seem like a bit of a faff but when they work, they’re worth the extra step in your beauty routine. The OSKIA Isotonic Hydra-Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, electolytes and amino acids to push moisture into the skin via a pipet (the website claims it to increase hydration by 34% within an hour of application). We found the liquid to be pretty runny so recommend a drop at a time. Our skin felt immediately soft to touch, remaining hydrated even after a swim in a chlorinated pool. If you want immediate results, head to the Utopia Spa at Alexander House Hotel and try OSKIA’s Indulgent Face, Scalp & Shoulder Ritual (55mins, £140), a full body massage with liquid facial mask containing Hyaluronic Acid.

Payot Hydra 24+ Concentrè D’eau
(30ml, £42)

With 100 years under its belt, it’s hard to dispute Payot’s longevity in the beauty market – or its cult following. Their Hydra 24+ Concentre D’eau – containing hydrating fig, watermelon, lotus flower, waterlily and Hyaluronic Acid - provides thirsty skin with instant, long-lasting moisture. One drop is enough to cover the face and neck; apply morning and night before moisturiser for best results – or take it with and apply before a long flight or a period in the sun (put sun cream on top please). The watery liquid is quickly absorbed, leaves no sticky residue and – according to small group testing – provides a 30+ hours of hydration. Apply it just once a day to make it go further.

Million Dollar Facial Cocktail Skincare – Hydrate
(500ml, £36.99)

Why put Hyaluronic Acid on your face when you can drink it? Million Dollar Facial’s liquid Hydrate supplement – part of its range of Cocktail Skincare - comes in a colourful, stylish bottle and contains Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C and hydrating nutrients to boost the skin from within. Each 500ml bottle provides 33-days’ worth of 15ml lemony sips - or mix it with 200mls of water for a refreshing drink (who needs a cocktail?). It’s also vegan, gluten-free, free of harmful colourings and full of natural fruit flavours, making it both delicious and nutritious. For maximum moisture, double your drink up with a daily application of Million Dollar Facial’s Hydro Serum (50ml, £40), part of its Medi + Hyaluronic range.

Zelens Hyaluron Intense Travel
(5 vials, £23)

Want moisture on the move? Try Zelens’ powerful hyaluronic acid serum in five easily portable vials. Taking up less room in your plastic airport liquids bag than a bottle (is it just us or are these bags always crammed full to the point of bursting?), each vial contains sufficient liquid for a full day’s moisture, battling plane dehydration even on long flights. Formulated with pure Hyaluronic Acid, the lightweight serum locks in moisture, plumps out skin and makes wrinkles appear reduced - not bad for such a tiny item. Once on the ground, apply Zelens Hyaluron Intense Hydro-Plumping Serum (30ml, £64) before bed to wake up looking radiant for the day ahead.


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21st April 2022

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