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Apr 12 2013

Stylish Spy

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A luxury spa facial will sometimes include a scalp massage with oils or therapeutic muds, to help nourish your hair as well as your skin. Heated styling tools, gloopy styling products, and the good old British weather play havoc with your hair — don't just moisturise your skin, help your hair stay hydrated and healthy with one of the Spa Spies' favourite spa products for hair.

Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Hair Oil

50ml, RRP £31      

Sassy Spy:

"I dispensed four pumps into my hands and then worked the oil through my long hair, from mid-way down, right to the tips. I left it on for the recommended 20 minutes before washing out, whilst I wandered about in a glorious fragrant haze of ylang ylang, geranium and rosemary.

I could really feel that it had worked some moisturising magic when I washed the oil out of my hair. My hair was left feeling softer than it had for ages, and there was a lovely gleam to it too. I'm sure going to bed smelling of this delicious concoction aided my sleep, too... Fab."

Verdict: I really enjoyed using this hair oil. This potion has a firm place on our dressing table, 'cos it does what it says on the tin.

ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud

200ml tube, RRP £34

Sybaritic Spy:

"I have fine, floppy hair. I have a close and expensive relationship with the only hairdresser within 50 miles who can make it look reasonable. This pre-wash conditioner is the only thing that gives my hair body between visits to the hairdresser. It now comes in a travel pack as well as a glass jar. With its soft mud texture, it works into the hair easily and can be left on without dripping. It strengthens my fine hair and makes it more manageable. "

Verdict: This is always on my list of favourites as it's still the best hair treatment I have ever found.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

250ml, RRP £25.45

Sassy Spy:

"My long, highlighted hair needs a bit of TLC to keep it in good condition. Using a decent hair oil daily helps my hair look shiny, but I like treating myself to a weekly intense treatment for an extra boost. A thick, creamy mask, this hydrating treat from Moroccanoil worked wonders on my hair.

After shampooing, I slathered the sweet-smelling mask over my hair and left it on for the recommended five to seven minutes, before rinsing it out. My hair was left looking healthy and feeling soft and strong. It even felt as if it was thicker! I love using this mask before a special occasion."

Verdict: True salvation for dry, coloured, or coarse hair.

Ushvani Coconut and Hibiscus Oil

150ml, RRP £42.50 

Shy Spy:

"Coconut oil is light and non-greasy, so it works well as a hair conditioner as well as a body moisturiser. This is perfect for purists who want to avoid chemical ingredients in their products, as it is literally just organic virgin coconut oil infused with hibiscus flowers.

The oil is solid at room temperature, so it needs to melt for you to pour it out. Holding the bottle under warm water for a short while does the trick. In the day, I used a tiny amount for smoothing my hair and giving it shine, and I used a more generous amount as an overnight hair-conditioning treatment."

Verdict: A simple, multi-tasking product that makes hair soft and shiny, naturally.

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

100ml, RRP £32.85 

Shy Spy:

"Having short hair (and being a fan of an extra 10 minutes in bed instead of hair-drying time) I often commit the heinous crime of leaving the house with my hair wet, leaving it to dry naturally. This makes finding the right hair products difficult, as the majority are designed to be used on dry hair, or before blow-drying. Moroccanoil is a conditioning oil that can be used on dry or wet hair – hooray! One pump of oil is enough to smooth through my hair and leave it soft and frizz-free. The oil never makes my hair look greasy, whether I've used it on wet or dry hair."

 Verdict: Moroccanoil is easy to use, and it works!



Stylish Spy

12th April 2013

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Minimalist lines; organic products; facial massage; tranquillity; interesting people-watching.

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