Spa trends 2011: Colour and light therapy

Mar 19 2014

Shy Spy


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The Good Spa Spies are experts in all things spa – and we are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. Over the next few weeks we are going to bring you this year's top trends, spa superheroes and most-wanted massages. Keep your eyes peeled for some of our spa predictions, presumptions and prophecies!

The Good Spa Guide's spa trend #1: Colour and light therapy

Not so much a newbie as a revival, we predict that 2011 will see a rise in colour and light therapies nationwide. Apparently UK spa-goers have been sorely neglecting their chakras, so it's time to don your robe and partake of a little chromatherapy.

Based on ancient beliefs combined with modern-day scientific suggestion, colour therapy claims to harness the different vibrations emitted by various colours to promote healing, calmness, strength, immunity and cleansing properties.

If you are looking for something less holistic, why not try some light therapy in an infra-red sauna or a sun meadow?

Currently found in only a couple of UK spas, the cheerful sun meadow is set to rise in popularity during 2011. Relax and bask in simulated sunlight whilst stimulating your melanin production for a natural high (and a touch of tan) in a sun meadow. Also claimed to be beneficial for skin tone and the appearance of eczema and psoriasis, sun meadows are already open for business at K Spa at K West Hotel, West Kensington and Lion Quays, Shropshire.


Enjoy all the health benefits of a sauna, without the intensity of heat, in an infra-red sauna. Infra-red saunas heat the body first and the air second, so it's not as powerful a heat. This allows the more sensitive amongst us to enjoy the experience without the fear of overheating or medical complications. Try an infra-red sauna today at Aqua Sculpture Day Spa, Hammersmith or try the "Physiotherm infra-red therapy room" at one of the Aqua Sana spas at Center Parcs.

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Shy Spy

19th March 2014

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