The Spa Spies™

Savant Spy

A journalist, writer and mother of two teenagers, Savant Spy recently retrained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor, which feeds her love of knowledge, books and deep, philosophical conversation. An ideal spa day is about giving her brain space to muse creatively, while reconnecting to her body and senses.

“Perfect spas for me are samples of paradise where you can drift off into a state of bliss and come back with a genius new idea, or wander around in robes among gardens having Platonic dialogues. From a therapeutic point of view, a spa is ideal for holistic wellbeing. I feel we often disconnect from our bodies or minds in day-to-day life, and that can lead to a state of unbalance and unawareness that permeates everything, including how we interact with others. As someone who lives a lot in her head, I relish a full-body massage, hydrotherapy and heat treatments, and anything involving essential oils (well, almost anything…) to emerge feeling inspired, glowing and thoroughly interconnected.”

Age 46 (and now reversing)

Skin Type Oily/sensitive

Spa Likes Clever, inspiring design, sublime views, a vast, clean and empty pool, solitary relaxation areas to read, write or commune with my muse

Spa Dislikes Small talk, discussions about spirituality or astrology, any products containing tea tree oil or aloe (sadly am allergic), busy pools where you can’t do laps