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Jul 9 2020

Savant Spy

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Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, deeply hydrating and collagen-boosting, vitamin c is the go-to beauty ingredient of the summer. Vitamin c can soothe sun damaged skin, fight dark spots, improve elasticity, reduce your dark circles and inject some hydration to ageing skin. Vitamin c products are often scented with citrus, so smell beautiful too.

To test out the hero ingredient we turned to the C+C Vitamin Line from Spanish skincare brand, Natura Bissé. The products contain three types of vitamin c, a concentrate of antioxidants: MacroAndioxidants®, plus vitamins f, e and d -- quite the vitamin cocktail. Summer Spy (30+ oily and breakout-prone) and Savant Spy (50+ dry and maturing) tried a cleanser and moisturiser from the range and each found their new favourite product, but were they the same? Read on...

Natura Bissé C+C Micellar Cleansing Water
(200ml, from £54)

Key ingredients: Organic orange water, rich in nutrients; bitter orange extract, high in antioxidants for hydrating and soothing; surfactants, soft active cleansers that create micelles to cleanse and remove make up without disrupting the barrier function.

What’s it like to use? Comes in a large plastic tangerine-tinted bottle with a white plastic pump at the top. The fluid is non-oily, clear and watery with an uplifting tangerine scent. Squirt two or three pumps straight onto your cleansing pad and wipe across your face. Use a different pad for the eyes.

How does my skin look and feel?

Savant Spy (50+): “Refreshed, soft, clean as a whistle and (is it my imagination?) brighter. I was impressed that even waterproof mascara came off with minimum effort or rubbing. As a gentle multi-purpose cleanser, this covers all my cleansing bases in one.”

Summer Spy (30+): “It is beautifully scented and feels gentle on the skin, however I prefer a stronger cleanser that leaves my oily skin feeling almost dry. I would use this to remove my make up, but wouln't use it as my nightly cleanse”.

Pluses… and minuses. It’s vegan friendly, it removes waterproof eye make-up with minimum fuss, the heady Mediterranean scent of oranges first thing cuts beautifully through that morning fog. Minus? Its cleansing action may be too gentle for oily skin.

Read about C+C Micellar Cleansing Water on the Nature Bissé website | Buy it here at


Natura Bissé C+C Vitamin Sheer Fluid: Broad Spectrum SPF 25
(50ml, £97)

Key ingredients: Stabilised ascorbic acid, stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production to reduce wrinkles and plump skin; antioxident complex, lime extract and bitter orange to protect against free radicals; amino acids to boost collagen; vitamins e, f and d.

What’s it like to use? It comes in a neat orange tube with a plastic silver lid. Twist and squeeze – you only need a tiny amount. The cream is thick and white, the tint releases when you rub it in. Apply in small circular movements and wash your hands afterwards, otherwise you’ll be left with tinted fingers.

How does my skin look and feel?

Summer Spy: “It’s got everything I enjoy in one bottle: vitamin C and citrus scents, SPF and a tinted moisturiser. It takes a moment for the tint to adjust, but afterwards my skin is left with a post-facial glow. At the weekend, I’d use this moisturiser and go make up free.”

Savant Spy: “I did it on one side of my face to compare and contrast. At first, my NB side looks pink and shiny, then a subtle tint emerges. Five minutes later, it looks hydrated and plumper with reduced wrinkles, evenly pigmented with a healthy glow. Clever!”

Pluses… and minuses. The natural tint, the SPF factor (if only all good moisturisers had this), resistant to sweat and humidity so good for workouts, vegan, if you struggle making your foundation look even and natural, this is a great alternative. Minus? A slightly higher SPF (30 to 50) would be better.

Read about C+C Vitamin Sheer Fluid on the Nature Bissé website | Buy it at


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9th July 2020

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