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May 26 2022

Scarlet Spy

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Overnight masks

Skincare routines have become increasingly more complicated with different creams for the day and night, serums that should be added before moisturising and a whole list of new ingredients – from BB creams and Hyaluronic acid to Retinol and SPFs. So how about a skincare product that works its magic while you sleep - too good to be true? The Spa Spies test the best overnight face masks so you don’t have to.

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Mask  
 (75ml, £99)

Key ingredients: retinol, niacinamide, marine DNA, copper peptides and hyaluronic acid 

First impressions:
The Diamond Extreme mask comes in a sleek slivery-grey tube with Natura Bisse’s signature silver logo and black text on the front, and a silver lid on the top.

What’s it like?
The delicate lavender scent is divine; glide a fine layer across you face, neck and décolletage before bed and it will sink in without a trace. To boost its benefits, Natura Bisse recommends massaging in their Diamond Extreme Oil first to pre-nourish the skin with amaranth, chia, calendula and carrot biocompatible oils.

Does it work?
My dehydrated skin loved it, feeling silky and more hydrated come the morning. Packed with all the go-to skincare ingredients, I expected nothing less from this luxurious brand (a favourite at GSG HQ).

As someone who needs a quick skincare routine, an overnight mask is ideal. It feels like an indulgent treat rather than a hassle, too. You can use the mask up to three times a week or apply it for 15-20 minutes before a special event for an instant glow-up. That’s the GSG Awards sorted... 

OSKA Liquid Mask
(30ml, £68)


Key ingredients: Lactic Acid, Niacinamide and Pro-Vit B

First impressions:
This overnight mask comes in a slim white box with OSKIA’s signature grey logo on the front; you’ll find directions on the back. The inside of the box is a charming – and less clinical - Emerald green. The mask itself comes in a white glass bottle with rubber pipette top.

What’s it like?
Rather surprisingly, the liquid is bright pink and more reminiscent of the medicine I give my daughter to bring a down a fever than a beauty product. The smell is more chemical than it is floral, too, but it’s easy to apply, smoothing two or three drops onto clean skin before bed. 

Does it work?
My skin tingled on contact, but it didn’t last; the liquid sunk in quickly leaving no residue that could leave my skin feeling tacky – or stain my bedding. 

As a single working parent, my face regularly tells the tale of life on the go. One sleep in this liquid mask achieved the kind of results I only tend to enjoy after a week’s holiday drinking plenty of water. Where did those tired eyes go? What happens in OSKIA...      


Voya Hydra Veil Hydrating Mask
(50ml, £37)

Key ingredients: Phytofuse Renew™, a probiotic designed to repair and renew damaged skin, sea buckthorn to reduce inflammation, and jojoba and squalene to hydrate.

First impressions:
The mask comes in a glass container with a silver-coloured screw lid. It feels heavy and classy with simple silver and turquoise branding and instructions printed on the glass. At 50ml it's not large, but plenty when you only need to use a thin layer.
What’s it like?
There's no way of measuring the amount of product so I applied too much the first time. The mask is a little thicker than a moisturiser and feels ever so slightly tacky on the skin, but it applied evenly and sat well on my skin. The scent is subtle, with hints of vanilla and jojoba.

Does it work?
I have oily troublesome skin so the mask felt a lot heavier than anything I normally use. It didn't sink in quickly but didn't feel oily either. The next day my skin felt firmer and plumper – a great product to use before an event. 

This mask wins points for being animal-friendly, vegan, organic and cruelty-free. Voya also uses packaging that’s recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. While I didn't particularly enjoy the scent or texture of the mask, it did plump and firm my (not so young anymore) skin.


OTO Overnight Reset CBD Face Mask 
(50ml, £89)

Key ingredients: CBD, baobab oil (packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9), rosehip, vitamin C and Yuzu essential oil.

First impressions: 
This small, stylish black tub with white and gold font looks sleek in the bathroom cabinet. Twist off the lid and apply the antioxidant-packed, beautifully-scented white CBD-infused mask to freshly cleansed face and neck as part of your bedtime routine. 

What’s it like?
A little goes a long way, absorbing like a regular moisturiser. Apply it when you’re cleaning your teeth and let it nourish and rejuvenate the skin cells while you’re in la-la land – easy.

Does it work?
Packed with baobab oil, omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin C, this mask is designed to support collagen formation and boost elasticity - at 40+ years old I’ll take that. I tried it twice a week and definitely noticed my skin looking dewier and plumper the next day.

Despite it having one of the higher price tags of all the products we tried, this all-in-one vegan-friendly, overnight mask gets my vote; it’s earned its place on my bedside table beside my OTO Sleep Drops. 

Temple Spa Quench Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenating Mask for Dry Skin
(65ml, £30)


Key ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin C, Avocado Oil

First impressions: The mask comes in a frosted jar with a screw top matte black lid with thin platinum band. Twist off the lid to reveal the clean, bright white cream mask, and inhale the fresh scent. This mask is perfect for dry/ thirsty skin; ideal after an afternoon of sunshine. 

What’s it like? 
I smoothed the cool, rich textured mask onto clean skin using circular motions; the product was absorbed quickly leaving no residue or scary ghost face. By the morning a sheen film remained, which I massaged into my now hydrated, plump and radiant skin. 

Does it work?
The nutritious formula - packed with Mediterranean ingredients - is like a drink for the skin. 

Quench rejuvenating mask now has its place in my routine for use overnight once a week. Temple Spa masks come in large pots and are affordable priced, too. I love the uplifting quotes on the underside of the box: ‘your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full.’ Yep.


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