The best spa-related Christmas gifts

Christmas presents: an easy task or a headache? For those who struggle with this annual task, help is at hand. The Spa Spies have chatted to the Christmas Elves and come up with present ideas to suit every type of spa-goer, from the eco-conscious to the insomniac. Just try not to keep them to yourself.

For the eco-conscious
Gaia Skincare vegan stocking fillers


Why buy it?

Whether it’s for a stocking filler, a Secret Santa gift or a little gesture, the Gaia vegan stocking filler has Christmas wrapped up. Resplendent in festive green with gold ties at each end, the Christmas cracker-shaped gift contains a vegan Gaia goody: either a 30ml bath oil in a glass bottle with a bamboo lid (choose between balancing, calming or awakening) or a 15ml lip balm in a wooden bamboo pot. Each product is worth £10.

How to use it?

We poured a few drops of the awakening bath oil into a warm bath and allowed the scent of sunflower and jojoba oil to calm our busy mind. The addition of vitamin E left our skin feeling soft to the touch. For soft lips during the winter months (it is mistletoe season after all), use the lip balm day and night to allow the blend of Jojoba, sunflower and coconut oil to work its magic.

We loved:

The design – Christmas gift sets should look Christmassy and this says ‘seasonal’ with bells on; it will even sit on a branch of your Christmas tree. Being able to tailor the product to a friend or loved one makes it even more personal, and the fact that it each product is vegan… need we say more.

For the globe-trotter
Temple Spa Spa Wherever You Are Spa Relaxation Kit

Why buy it?

Know a friend or family-member that travels a lot? Then we have an idea and a half for you. The Spa Wherever You Are travel kit from Temple Spa comes in a smart black zip-up bag which is water/ spill resistant to keep it clean on the move. Inside you’ll find eight mini products essential for staying hydrated on a plane - or relaxed on a train. You can even take it to the gym to avoid carrying bulky bottles around.

How to use it?

If travelling by plane, use the Becalm soothing face mask at the airport to create a layer of in-flight protection; follow this with a spritz of Toning Essence essential mist tonic. Before take-off, use the Palm Balm nourishing hand cream and the All Talk moisturising lip balm, applying regularly during the flight. Before getting some shut-eye apply the Aaahhh instant cooling foot balm to your feet (preferably in the toilets) and the Repose relaxing night cream on your face and neck. Back in your seat, spritz your face with the Quietude chill out & sleep well mist and apply the black padded eye mask.  Happy travels.

We loved:

Being able to replace the travel kit with our usual ‘bursting-at-the seams’ wash bag on a recent four-hour flight to The Algarve, adding a mini toothbrush and toothbrush to complete the set, and arriving rested, hydrated and excited for the holiday ahead.

For the home-lover
O by Olfacto Obyo Mini diffuser + discovery pack 

Diffuser: £129; discovery pack: £25

Why buy it?

Does someone you know have a dog, a newborn baby or just a desire to have a fantastic smelling home? Then the mini Obyo diffuser from O by Olfacto London could be just the Christmas ticket. The product comes in an attractive glass bottle with a brushed stainless steel top and, at just 90mms tall, is designed for discretion. With nine fragrances to choose from (balms & leather, black pomegranate, fig & bergamot, green orange, mint & eucalyptus, Mykonos, Oud, red crystal, and soft leather – as well as the limited edition winter spice), home lovers are sure to find their signature scent.

How to use it?

The Obyo diffuser has a USB port for recharging via a cable. Once juiced it, it operates in three-hour cycles, spraying directly into the air to fill the room with your fragrance of choice. Each diffuser comes with your chosen scent; once this runs out, order a refill. Can’t decide which of the 10 fragrances to choose? Order the discovery pack and try each one, spraying it onto the black card provided - like they do in the fancy perfume shops.

We loved:

How effective it was in our bathroom, providing lasting protection from nasty niffs while looking stylish. We began our O by Olfacto journey two months’ ago with the black pomegranate fragrance and have hardly made a dent in the liquid. When it runs out, we are keen to try the limited edition winter spice – if it isn’t summer by then, that is.

For the treatment lover
OTO The CBD Facial

Why buy it?

Facials – no matter how wonderful – can be pretty spenny, require you to create a gap in your day and can be hit or miss depending on where you go. If you have a friend or loved one who adores a facial but can’t afford too many – or fit them into their busy schedule – then The CBD Facial by OTO will have them spa-ing at home. The attractive white box, with OTO in silver across the middle, contains everything you need for an at-home facial, including a silk band for holding your hair back, a cleanser, a serum, a Gua Sha tool for enhanced absorption (see below), a day cream and a lip balm.

How to use it?

Start by reading the simple step-by-step guide to ensure everything is used in the correct order. Apply the cleanser to wet skin, massaging it in with your fingertips before cleaning it off with warm water. Massage the serum in and then use the QR code on the back for instructions on how to lift, plump and sculpt the skin using the Gua Sha tool (a flat stone used in China to move blocked energy) – very high tech. End the facial with a layer of day cream and some lip balm.

We loved:

Everything, from the easy instructions to the attractive black pots and bottles, and from the heady smells to the nourishing creams. There are some surprises in store too, from the almost glittery chocolate-hued cleanser to the green oily serum.


For the magnanimous spa-goer:
OSKIA Skincare X Alice Temperley Body Treatment and Massage Candle


Why buy it?

Not only does this candle look attractive – decked in florals with the word LOVE running down the side – but, being both a candle and a massage oil, it does two jobs: scenting the air and smoothing the skin to boot. For us, the best reason to buy this product is to support women survivors in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Iraq with 10% of the purchase price going straight to the Women for Women International charity. Be quick though; it’s limited edition.

How to use it?

Light the Rose de Mai Skin Smoothing Candle until the wax turns sufficiently molten to pour. When ready, drizzle the liquid onto your skin (or get a loved one to do it) and massage it in. The natural Beeswax, Soybean and Coconut candle combined with essential oils containing rose, amyris, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood will not only make your skin baby-soft but you will smell like an English garden. Light it in the bath and let the warm glow create inner peace.

We loved:

The whole concept: the collaboration between this spa powerhouse and fashion guru Alice Temperley, the design - which has been inspired by Alice’s 2021 bridal collection - and the message that women in wore-torn countries are loved and supported.

For the insomniac
Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Moment of Sleep

Why buy it?

From anxiety to menopause and bouts of insomnia to noisy neighbours, there are many things stopping us from getting a good night’s sleep. If you know somebody in this camp, the Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Moment of Sleep gift set will make the perfect present this year. Including a 55ml Deep Relax Bath Oil, a 50ml creamy body butter, a 50ml Deep Relax Sleep Mist and a sleep mask, it contains everything you need to encourage those elusive – but essential - Zzzz’s.

How to use it?

Before bed, run a warm bath and add a capful of the Deep Relaxing Bath Oil, containing sandalwood for ultimate relaxation. Once out, slather on the body butter which, with its blend of essential oils, will relax your body in preparation for sleep. Once in bed, spritz the Deep Relax Spray on your pillow then shut the light out with the mask. Bat away rude awakenings with another quick spritz - and see if you can’t tap back into that dream.

We loved:

The soft velvety midnight blue pouch, with its gold zip, is indulgent yet small enough to take with you wherever you go. Nighty night.

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