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Feb 10 2022

Stylish Spy

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Stylish Spy looks at the best products and treatments for women in their 40’s

As we age, our skin begins to behave in different – and wholly frustrating - ways. Collagen production slows down, more hydration is required and the elasticity we felt in our 30’s is practically non-existent. Lovely. The culprit? You guessed it: our hurtle towards menopause.

To claw our way back to youthful-looking skin, we need to delve into the world of cleaners, serums, eye creams, heavier moisturisers, daily use sun creams - and all the science we can lay out hands on. Allow us to introduce you to the unsung heroes in the fight against ageing.

The cleanser:
Million Dollar Facial Medi+ Daily Cleanser

(100ml, £35)

It's time to ditch those harsh facial washes in favour of gentle cleansers that don’t irritate your skin or rid it of moisture. Million Dollar Facial’s daily cleansing product contains natural papaya fruit acid to hydrate and exfoliate (gently) while ridding the skin of deep-down dirt for a thorough clean. Add two pumps to water to create a soft foam, massage into the skin and rinse off.

The peel:
Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Super Peel Pads

(14 pads, £38)

Don’t have time to visit a spa? Use these disposable pads every other evening for a month to encourage cell renewal. Containing a science-y combination of alpha and poly-hydroxy acids as well as Vitamin C, the pads can be used on your face and neck after cleansing and before moisturising. Before tossing one in the bin, take a quick look at how much dirt gets picked up from deep within your pores – magic.

The serum:
The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Serum

(30ml, £7.80)
If you’ve not yet discovered the age-busting benefits of retinol yet, we can only assume you have been living in a cave – so effective is this derivative of vitamin A that it should be dressed in a superhero costume. Claiming to fix everything from fine lines to dark spots while also boosting moisture and collagen, retinol is so powerful it should be used in small quantities and applied before going to bed.

The moisturiser:
Targeted Wrinkle Corrector
(15ml, £70)

Anti-wrinkle creams: myth or miracle workers? The jury is still out… but if you’re after a cream that soften wrinkles while hydrating and plumping, then give Murad’s Targeted Wrinkle Corrector a go. At £70 for a 15ml tube, it’s a little pricey, but claims to work more like a filler than a cream, relying on a cocktail of unpronounceable ingredients (acetyl hexapeptide anyone?) to give wrinkles the heave-ho. Hyaluronic acid and plant-based Squalane lock in moisture to ward off further wrinkles.

The eye cream:
OTO CBD Night Eye Treatment

(15ml, £49)

Eye creams are an essential tool in the race against ageing, particularly as the years tick on. Formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, OTO’s Night Eye Treatment contains a nourishing combination of CBD oil, carrot-seed oil, lavandin, Vitamin E, argan oil and helichrysum - a flowering plant native to the Med – to trap in moisture while you sleep. The benefits of CBD oil are now well documented – have you tried it yet?

The treatment:
Natura Biss
è’s 3D Collagen Shock treatment
(60min, £90)

Whip your skin into submission with this results-driven treatment that moves from a generic cleanse and tone to three-steps of exfoliation, including a glycolic peel, a frothy mask and a peel-off mask. Take that ageing skin. After the exfoliation comes a plumping mask and a targeted massage to wake up that sleepy collagen. Layers of serums and creams ensure you’re ready for your close-up. The result: increased firmness, smoothed-out lines and improved hydration. If it’s good enough for Beyonce…
Try it at: Pennyhill Park

The supplement:
Advanced Nutrition Programme
Skin Collagen Support
(60 supplements, £40)
There are two schools of thought surrounding supplements: you don’t need them if you eat a healthy diet; they provide essential vitamins and minerals that can fall through the cracks of a busy lifestyle. Whichever camp you’re in, supplements can provide a much-needed boost, particularly as we age. Skin Collagen Support from Advanced Nutrition Programme combines anti-oxidants, vitamin C and sulphur to support collagen production while protecting cells from daily stresses.


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