Spa at Home - The Emergency Pre-Zoom Facial

Apr 15 2020

Stylish Spy

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Picture the scene: you’re sitting at your laptop in your PJs, working hard but looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed and slumped in front of Netflix. Then suddenly, an email pings up – Zoom office meeting in one hour.

Besides getting dressed and running a comb through your hair, there are some things you can do to make your colleagues believe you are radiant with brilliance and coping marvellously, even if your brain is a fog and your pet is asleep on your foot.

An express facial that will make you look totally on it

I've been using Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin range, as it is made for skin that has spent too long in front of computer screens and been exposed to other environmental, ageing nasties. It aims to give the same plumping and lifting effects as hydro and lipo-filler and advance peel treatments without needles. So first, cleanse and remove last night’s make-up.

Next, use a mask that you don’t have to remove and gives you an instant face lift.

Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin Lift-Mask (60ml, £68) wakes up your skin and gives it softer contours, while relaxing your features. You can use it any time, day or night, as an insta-lift face mask that requires no rinsing. Genius. It contains macro hyaluronic acid (0.1 percent) and Illipe butter.

Apply using a little brush that comes neatly tucked in the recyclable, simple packaging. Dip the tips of the bristles into the cream (no plunging) and brush softly onto your skin, from the chin up. It feels cooling and very mildly tingly. Give it a moment and it will seep into your skin. Wash the brush with warm water.

Verdict: We noticed a reassuring tightness as the mask got to work, and only moments later our skin genuinely looked smoother and brighter. It also seemed to gleam a little, but without appearing shiny. It says in the instructions use from chin to cheek, but we also applied it to our foreheads, and noticed an instant relaxation of the frown lines.

Now, wake up those eyes

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Eye Patch (6 packs, £50). These eye masks couldn’t be simpler. Each set of two comes in a foil packet. Simply peel off the tear-shaped hydrogel masks, each soaked in peptides, and place beneath each eye. A handy drawing that comes in the box will show you where and how – basically thicker end on the outside and thinner end as near to the bridge of the nose as possible. Leave on for at least 10 minutes (you can leave on all night if you are one of those people who sleeps on their backs like a princess). Remove and marvel.

Verdict: The delicious eye patches feel instantly refreshing – so wonderful for our screen-fatigued, puffy, baggy eyes that we wanted to use them every day. The price actually prevents that. It is recommended you use them twice a week for the first two weeks, then once a week after, so they should last a month. Again, the effect is instant, but also psychological. Our eyes looked bright, dark circles vastly lessened, but also felt more buoyant and awake.

Finally, the moisturiser

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Cream (60ml, £78) is an anti-ageing cream with an instant active lifting and re-plumping effect. Well, we need to work extra hard to hide those sheet lines. I love the way they talk about ‘restoring the skin’s architecture’. Know exactly what you mean – my skin at the moment looks like that pesky wolf blew my house down.

Verdict: Working in front of a screen (and watching Netflix) all day and night at the moment means our skin needs an extra dose of plumping moisturiser. Applying it felt like drinking a long, cool drink of water. Our skin looked instantly refreshed and ready to go to work. Use with the Sublime Skin Serum (£80) if you really want to create a wow.


Honestly? We were impressed with the effect of our instant facial – our skin looked and felt like we’d been to a spa. Lines were visibly reduced and skin was rehydrated and plumped super quickly. Not bad for a 20 minute-job. Finish with Comfort Zone Essential Black Mascara (£21) and you are ready to go to work. Nice to know the ingredients in the products will carry on working while you are Zooming.

Comfort Zone is available from from 20th April 2020

Spas are sadly closed but you can support your favourite spa with a voucher purchase to treat yourself or a loved one when normal life resumes. Visit your spa on Good Spa Guide and look for ‘Gift Vouchers’ on the right hand side. If the link is not there, try visiting your spa’s website.


Stylish Spy

15th April 2020

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