Spa at Home: Natura Bissé Face and Neck Rituals

Apr 22 2020

Sybaritic Spy

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We are really missing our spa facials right now: especially the beautiful way our therapists apply the oils and moisturisers, giving our face that extra lift. How do they do that?

Thankfully, our sponsors Natura Bissé – who really do give amazing facials - have been posting some useful spa-at-home tips on social media.

We especially love the facial massage demo by Hanna Ralston, Education and Events Manager at Natura Bissé US. If her luminous skin is anything to judge by, we believe everything this woman says.

Hanna recommends using the Diamond Extreme Cream (50ml, £305), which  no doubt would give an extra boost; we used our own regular moisturiser while waiting for our order from Amazon.

First, dab your cream in the palm of your hands and start dragging your palms and fingertips and the heel of your hand from chin to ear, doing little circles to release any extra tension in your jaw. (We realised as we were doing this just how much tension we hold in my jaw while working. This felt really tight at first, then began to relax.)

Next keep pushing up into your cheeks – we have so many muscles in our face, says Hanna, so always work up against gravity.

The thing she does with her forehead looks very pro – our version was a little clumsy at first, but you soon get the hang of it. Basically, quick and firm strokes upwards with your fingers. She makes it look so easy.

Next, there’s a neat trick to relieve sinus pressure. Hold fingers at the side of your nose for three to five seconds; pull up to the brow and along. Then do the the forehead strokes again, repeating the mantra “Always lifting, always fighting gravity” in a sotto voice.

Finally, clasp your hands together, press your thumbs by your ears they pull up and back over your head. Do this three times: it’s also really nice for wrists and fingers that have been working on a laptop all day.

What a great way to loosen some facial tension and feel totally awake. Something to keep open on a tab on your laptop and do whenever you feel a bit saggy.

Combat Tech Neck (yes, it’s a thing)

Natural Bisse make a good argument that while we treat our face to masks and serums, our necks are lucky if the get a swipe of body lotion once a day. The skin on our neck is very delicate and much thinner than the skin on our faces, the muscles finer and it also produces less collagen. Our neck is constantly twisted and turned, especially when hunched over our laptops while homeworking. We lift and plump our faces to knock years off, leaving our necks to reveal our true age.

If we act now, we might never need to reach for a turtleneck or splash out on a Hermes scarf.

Natura Bisse’s Inhibit-V Neck is a ‘skincare masterplan’ (we like the James Bond-style lingo), an at-home beauty ritual that focuses on the neck and décolleté. We decided to give it a go.

The Inhibit Tensolift Neck Serum (60ml, £360)

This lifting serum is light and easy to apply. It contains an extract from edelweiss that promotes collagen production, shiitake which has a powerful lifting effect, carob tree for renewal, pro-lift complex, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide which fades dark spots and improves luminosity.

Using a pea sized amount, sweep thumbs or fingertips away from chin to ear along the jawline either side, and smooth over your neck.

Inhibit Tensolift Neck Mask (£25 per mask)

Made from 100 percent natural bamboo fibres and highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid, this mask is easy to use. Cut open the packet and the mask, which feels like paper dipped in thick clear cream, can be lifted out and spread across your neck with the point over your chin or your décolletage.

It feels instantly soothing and cooling (that’s your neck saying “Yay! At last!”) but can be quite messy, so wear a towel wrapped around your chest (or, if isolated go naked – who’s judging?). You can even wear it while working.

After 15 minutes or more, remove over a bin and rub the rest of the cream into your neck. We noticed an immediate smoothing and plumpness, as with a good face mask. After a few moments, we saw our fine lines had diminished and our neck looked radiant.

Spas are sadly closed but you can support your favourite spa with a voucher purchase to treat yourself or a loved one when normal life resumes. Search for your spa in our directory and look for ‘Gift Vouchers’ on the right hand side.


Sybaritic Spy

22nd April 2020

Spy Likes:

Warm treatment beds; fragrant steam rooms; therapists who listen to what you say; unexpected treats such as back massages that start with hot towels on your feet.

Spy Dislikes:

Small towels; crowded changing rooms; black mould in the showers; therapists who sniff; anyone who doesn't take my lavender allergy seriously - until I'm actually sick on them!

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