Skincare in the air: In-flight beauty essentials

Jun 19 2018

Stylish Spy

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Woman by aeroplane window

From Cape Verde to Mauritius, we sent our Spa Spies armed with products to see if you can, in fact, combat the dry skin, restless sleep and swollen legs that are part and parcel of flying long-haul.

Neom Scent To De-stress Travel Kit

5ML | £8

Key Ingredients: The spray: lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood essential oils. The rollerball: grapefruit, lemon and rosemary essential oils.

First Impressions: I could probably spend a fortune on NEOM’s travel range, since they each promise the impossible: de-stress, sleep, happiness and energy. The products come in cream boxes splashed with pretty colours and would make perfect gifts for travellers. The boxes open up to contain tiny little portable phials – perfectly sized for hold luggage for a weekend break. I need something to cope with security stress...

What's it like? The De-stress Mist is rather clever. The instructions tell you to spray it above your head, inhale and count to seven, exhale and count to eleven. I do this before entering security at Gatwick. It smells lovely, both florally enchanting and earthy. The Energy Burst Pulse Point is a rollerball: you roll it onto your temples, wrists and behind the ears to activate.

Does it work? De-stress Mist: because it smelt so nice, we breathed it in deeply and duly slowed down. So yes, it does work. Energy Burst: I can’t say I noticed an instant hit with this one. It’s a bit fiddly and I ended up dropping it in the airport car park. It smashed and created a lovely grapefruit-y waft for all to enjoy.

Verdict: I love the scents and packaging, they make great gifts for travellers. I would get the De-stress Mist again, as it works for me, but

Linda Meredith Oxygen Mask

Set Of Three | £119

Key Ingredients: Oxygen, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, Vitamin B and green tea.

First Impressions: The Linda Meredith Oxygen Masks come in a stylish box with a foiled silver logo on the front. Inside, the sheet masks are individually packaged in white and silver sachets, with clear instructions on the back.

What's it like?  The mask is really easy to apply, even when you’re on a flight without a decent mirror. They are drenched in a hydrating serum which can be quite wet; protect your clothes with a tissue if needs be. I massaged the extra product into my neck before settling down with a book for fifteen minutes. The cotton felt soft against my skin, it was cooling and refreshing and the serum absorbed quickly. I have to admit I did feel a little self-conscious wearing this on the flight, and I did turn a couple of heads.

Does it work? The oxygen mask promises to have firming, hydrating and anti-ageing properties. After one use my skin felt plump, firm and hydrated, instead of the usual tight, dry feeling you get mid-flight. When I examined my skin on landing, I noticed that my complexion looked brighter, radiant and smoother than usual.

Verdict: Feeling a little selfconscious mid-flight was worth the results. Yes, they’re a rather indulgent purchase, but it works wonders on long flights, and is the answer if you want to look good strolling through arrivals or have an event to get to.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

30ML | £12

Key Ingredients:  Essence of grape, rose and rosemary, potassium alum (to tighten), glycerine (to hydrate).

First Impressions: Celebrating 20 years with the help of English model and actress Rose Huntingdon-Whitley and a limited edition gold bottle, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a classic handbag favourite loved by celebrities and make-up artists the world over. Caudalie’s iconic green logo is smartly emblazoned across the frosted glass bottle, which has a silver pull-off cap with Caudalie stamped on the top.

What's it like? Push the spray top for a measured spritz of facial freshness said to give you a glowing complexion, reduce fine lines and set make-up: that’s a lot of jobs for a diddy product. The spritz is so light that you can barely feel it sitting on your skin; the scent is light and fragrant, with a subtle hint of rose.

Does it work? I took the Beauty Elixir on an early morning flight and used it to hydrate my skin at high altitude. Not only did it give me an instant lift (excuse the pun) after a silly-o-clock alarm call, but it stopped my face from feeling dry on arrival. Take that, cabin pressure...

Verdict: It’s the perfect size for cabin baggage, easy to use, smells great and, more importantly, does the job. It’s a winner in my book.

Temple Spa Aaahhh! Soothing Balm For Aching Feet & Limbs

30ML | £4.25

Key Ingredients: Peppermint, cloves, lavender, black pepper and dandelion extracts, menthol, coconut oil extract.

First Impressions: This product comes in a striking emerald green box and is housed in a tall, clear plastic bottle. The gel-balm is a creamy pale green-blue shade; you’ll find a little goes a long way. Remove the lid to expose the easy-touse pump which provides a measured amount each time.

What's it like? The gel is instantly cooling on the skin, light in texture and easily absorbed (as long as you don’t use too much, then it will feel sticky). The feeling of ‘cool’ turns ‘warm’ after a few minutes and lasts for a good half an hour, so you know its working. The peppermint smell is instantly refreshing

Does it work? Absolutely. It’s great on flights where legs are cramped up and in need of a stretch. The dandelion extract works hard to prevent fluid retention and puffiness, while the peppermint gives an instant fresh smell, great for travel-tired feet that have been stuck in boots or trainers all day. Use before, during and after flying for maximum results.

Verdict: This is a good value flight-essential that really works. The petit 30ml size is perfect for taking through security in your hand luggage, while the nonsticky formula absorbs quickly and easily on your skin, ensuring no mess.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks

Set Of Eight | £39.50

Key Ingredients:Oat kernel extract, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), marine plant extracts and yeast.

First Impressions: The hyaluronic eye patches come in a white and purple box with eight individually-wrapped sachets, which makes them really handy for flights: only pack what you need. Inside each is a shallow plastic tray that has the two clear eye patches.

What's it like? The eye patches sit just underneath the bottom eye line and are well fitted, they aren’t fiddly or sticky and once on… I’m not sure about ‘almost invisible’ but I wasn’t embarrassed to wear them on a flight. The patches are instantly cooling, hydrating and they feel flexible on the skin. After 10 minutes simply remove the patches and pat the rest of the product around the eye area. There’s no greasy residue and the product sinks in quickly – no-one will know your suddenly-awake eyes aren’t entirely natural.

Does it work?  Because of the hyaluronic acid and moisturising properties the eyes are instantly (albeit temporarily) plumped, the yeast ingredient reduces the appearance of dark circles and the coolness feels delightful when you have dry airplane eyes.

Verdict: The patches are easy to use, feel lovely on the skin and have instant results – what more could we ask for?


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19th June 2018

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