Rhassoul rituals

Jun 7 2013

Summer Spy

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The rhassoul at The Spa in Dolphin Square

A rhassoul ritual is a traditional Arabian body treatment involving steam and mineral-rich mud.

The Spa in Dolphin Square specialises in authentic Moroccan cleansing rituals in their rhassoul and hammam chambers, so we asked them to tell us more about the history and benefits of this treatment.

What is the history behind a rhassoul ritual?

The rhassoul ritual is based on use of rhassoul, which is a unique natural mineral clay sourced only from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The clay powder is also known as Moroccan Ghassoul Clay or Moroccan Red Clay. The name derives from the Arabic word 'Rassala' which means 'to wash'. For centuries, Moroccan women used the rhassoul as part of their skin care routine. It was used as soap, shampoo, skin conditioner, among other beauty products. The rhassoul ritual draws on these traditions.

What are the basic principles of a rhassoul ritual?

The main principle of the rhassoul ritual is purification. The unique properties of the rhassoul lava clay allow it to be extremely effective in drawing out impurities from the skin and detoxifying, when mixed with warm water or rose water. It also works to soothe and nourish the skin.

Briefly talk us through a rhassoul ritual at The Spa in Dolphin Square

The Rhassoul Ritual at The Spa in Dolphin Square takes place in the specially designed rhassoul chamber. You will be handled a bowl of rhassoul clay mixed with shea butter to better nourish the skin. You will apply the clay to your body and then relax in the heat of the rhassoul chamber with 15 minutes of steam to allow the active properties of the lava clay to work.  Afterwards, you will wash off the clay and apply body milk, leaving skin soft, smooth and cleansed.

What is a rhassoul ritual good for?

The absorbing and degreasing properties of rhassoul would benefit anybody who is concerned with effects of environment on their skin, but in particular people with mixed and oily skin. Nourishing rhassoul helps improve skin elasticity and control sebum secretion, and so will tighten the pores and fight blackheads. It's great for all different skin types and can also help with mild eczema and psoriasis, but always consult your doctor first before booking a treatment. 

Rhassoul is fantastic for your skin, but do not forget your hair care: a 5-10 minute rhassoul hair mask is great for oily hair and can remove excess oil, prevent dandruff and . Rhassoul Clay is rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium and has an almost identical ph to the Human Scalp.

Who is a rhassoul ritual not suitable for?

Because of the active properties of the clay, we would not recommend it to people with extremely sensitive skin, or people who have any kind of broken skin. As a heat treatment, it cannot be performed during pregnancy. If you have high or low blood pressure the ritual might be enjoyed in controlled environment, and you will have to notify us beforehand for the arrangements to be made.


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