Review: Voya Balmelicious Vanilla and Peppermint

Dec 2 2014

Summer Spy

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Voya balmelicious

Reviewed by: Smiley Spy
Age: 36
Skin type: Normal/dry

We reviewed Voya Balmelicious Vanilla and Peppermint (£10.40 for 15ml). 

First impressions:

Encased in a sage green tube with plain white writing, the packaging was clean, if slightly old fashioned. The box itself was white with a modern picture of seaweed across it, reflecting Voya’s use of the ingredient across its product range.

The pale yellow lip balm – looking almost like beeswax – was a lot thicker than many I’ve tried in the past. As it included vanilla and peppermint I thought it may be quite overwhelming, but actually these flavourings are very subtle.

When I first tried the lip balm, I was surprised by how much it hung on my lips. It was more like a lipstick, but not in an unpleasant heavy way. It sunk in well over a period of time, and I felt it was doing my lips more good than other lip balms.

What’s in it:

Voya carries the Soil Association certification for organic ingredients. The lip balm promises 96% of the ingredients are organic with a “magical” blend of wheat germ and sweet almond. The ingredients are sourced from around the world, but the seaweed is hand-harvested in Ireland.

Beeswax is the fourth ingredient. There is a soft waxy quality to the balm, opposed to a greasy feel.


There's no specific usage guidance on the box or tube, so I applied it to my lips when I felt they needed it. On some applications I only needed to use it twice a day, compared to the seven or eight times a day with my usual balm. This makes the product great value for money.


I have dry lips whatever the weather, but particularly when it’s cold, and I noticed an almost immediate improvement. The product does initially sink in and moisturise, but also stays on your lips so it can continue to work throughout the day.

In the winter it can be a challenge to wear lipstick with dry lips, but with the Voya product I was able to apply the balm and immediately apply some colour which was great. My lipstick sat very well on it and didn't slide off, which can happen with other greasier lip salves.

The product says it “gets to work right away protecting your lips, relieving dryness and helping heal broken skin” which is absolutely true for me!


For an organic quality product, I didn’t feel the cost was excessively expensive. I used far less product than I normally would, so I think it’s really good value for money over time.

I also think the repairing effect for damaged skin is worth paying that little bit extra for too.

Final verdict:

I am now a Voya fan. I really enjoyed using this lip balm and felt the cost was in the product, not the packaging. It was really good quality and you can feel it when you apply the balm.

I’ve tried many lip balms, in pots and tubes, and this certainly had a nourishing and repairing effect opposed to a greasy film lying on your lips.


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2nd December 2014

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