Review: JustBe Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover

Reviewed by: Savvy Spa
Age: 22
Skin type: Combination

We reviewed JustBe Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover (£15 for 30ml).

First impressions:

The packaging of the JustBe cleanser is simple and fresh with feminine florals and bold colours. The product size is perfectly balanced, substantial enough to be used regularly, but small enough to travel with.

The JustBe cleansed eye makeup remover won the ‘Ultimate Natural’ award in the Beauty Bible Awards and this back to nature ethos spills over into the branding.

What’s in it:

There are eight organic ingredients in this product include coconut oil and beeswax. It is free from alcohol, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, paragons and traces of nuts. It's eco credentials are also high, it's handmade in Scotland and has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.


The instructions are simple, apply the cream to the eye area, hold a cotton pad down for a few seconds and then wipe away. I didn’t need to use much lotion because it was very rich and gentle. It was softly efficient on the sensitive eye area; I didn't have to rub the skin to remove heavy mascara.


This lotion is very enjoyable to apply as its rich and soft. It effectively takes off hard-to-remove make up while deeply cleansing the skin. The satiny lotion was light, lavish and scented with beautiful essential oils. My skin was left feeling deeply moisturised and radiant.  


JustBe Cleansed is very well priced for what it offers, it did everything it promised and more. All the ingredients are natural, and the fact it is handmade in the UK make the lotion feel extra special.

Final verdict:

The results were fantastic, my skin felt really cleansed, smooth and nourished. Most importantly, it was a really enjoyable experience that left my eye area silky and bright. This is my favourite JustBe product and I would definitely buy it again.


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