Review: Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate

Reviewed by: Shy Spy
Age: 37
Skin type: Normal

We reviewed Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate (£19 for 100ml).

First impressions:

The Extreme Hydration Concentrate cream is packaged in a white and turquoise tube that stands on its end. As the name suggests it looks like it has come straight from the lab using the latest technological breakthroughs; the front of the tube has hexagons, percentages and lots of very science-y words such as ‘Tremella Fuciformis Qusome’ and ‘Pseudoalteromonas’. 

The cream smells very fresh and crisp and is opaque and serum-like, rather than the traditional hand cream white. I’m not sure the first impression of the packaging would make me buy this cream over others; the science-y look put me off rather than drew me in. 

What’s in it:

If you’re interested in natural and organic products this isn’t for you! There’s not much detail on the packaging of what’s actually in it other than ‘five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources’.  On close inspection ingredients include dimethicone (used to treat minor skin irritations), glycerin (a natural humectant) and propanediol (a natural emollient). 


The instructions are simple; use the product for ten days and then as you need it afterwards. I applied the cream to my hands; it felt very silky and my hands were immediately softer.   


I used the product for ten days and definitely noticed an improvement. My hands felt smoother, the area around my nails was less hard and improved in appearance. The product does make your hands feel immediately softer because of the serum-like coating and the smell lasts quite a while too. I use the product 2-3 times a week now and it feels like my hands are getting a real treat.  


Although the product is more than what I would normally pay for a hand cream, you only need a small amount to make a difference. If you were someone who really suffered from dry hands I think this would be much better than some other creams. It really feels like there is a barrier between your hands and the winter elements.    

Final verdict:

Despite my initial reservations, I would buy this cream again. It has given my hands a better appearance and made my skin very soft.

I think it would suit anyone who has very dry skin, whether it’s because of the cold weather or not!

  • Author

    Shy Spy

  • Age 37
  • Skin type Combination

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