Review: Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

Reviewed by:  Super Spy
Age: 47
Skin type: Dry and sensitive

First impressions

The package comes in a big turquoise box wrapped in a pink ribbon. Inside there are two super-size pots; one pink and one green, each containing 60 moisturiser capsules.

The capsule set is a limited edition product to mark the ten year anniversary of Elemis’s cellular skincare recovery capsules.

What did the product look like?

The product comes in colour coded capsules, each of which contain one application of oil. You twist the top of the capsule to release the product.

What’s in it?

The key ingredient is pure moringa oil, an anti-oxidant that is said to be considerably more powerful than any other cosmetic oil. African women have used Moringa oil for centuries – the Moringa tree is known as the “miracle tree”.

The pink day capsules also use rose oil (absolute) and the green night capsules blend moringa with lavender essential oil.


The instructions are very simple – apply to clean skin before your usual moisturiser.

Elemis also suggest a massage to help relax your skin. Warm the oil in the palms of your hands and follow its four-step massage technique.


Elemis says the antioxidants will ‘repair the visible signs of ageing, lines, wrinkles and dull skin’ and ‘youthful plumpness and elasticity will be restored’.

After using the products, my skin felt very moisturised – almost to the point where I didn’t need to use top moisturiser at all.  After using the capsules for a week, a friend commented that my skin looked amazing and asked me what I was using.


I think that this product is worth the price tag. You’ll pay £69.50 for a two month supply of capsules that are lovely to use and seem to produce a visible difference.

Final verdict

I will definitely buy the product again, this time using the suggested pro-collagen cream. 

We reviewed Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules (£69.50).

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