Review: Decleor Intense Nutrition Comforting Cocoon Cream

Jan 16 2015

Summer Spy

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Reviewed by: Smiley Spy
Age: 36
Skin type: Normal/Dry

We reviewed Decléor Intense Nutrition Comforting Cocoon Cream (£44.99 for 50ml).

First impressions:

The product is packaged in a simple yellow box, a familiar sight if you're a Decléor fan. The Intense Nutrition cream comes in heavy glass jar with a wavy gold top, there's also a handy miniature scoop to apply the moisturiser.

The cream is quite thick and has a pleasant, classic smell. The traditional scent (almost reminded me of my nana) made me not only trust the product a little more, but also had a sense of the familiar about it.

What’s in it:

Decléor says the product uses 'nature’s most potent ingredients' but it isn't listed as being organic. Ingredients include chestnut and cranberry, argan and avocado essential oil. The cream also includes phytosqualene, a plant extract that's a rich moisturiser.


The instructions say to apply the cream in the morning to cleansed skin. I was a little surprised as the cream was very thick and has the consistency of a night cream; it may have been too heavy or wouldn't layer well under makeup.

After my morning shower, I applied the cream using my fingertips. It was lovely to apply and quickly absorbed into my skin. My skin felt beautiful.

I usually use much thinner creams in the morning, partly because I find my make-up is easier to apply, but this left my skin feeling like velvet and my make-up sat well on top of it.


I tested the product during a cold spell and I certainly needed a deeply intense and nourishing moisturiser. The cream was perfect for my skin type as it was thick and moisturised well with just one application.

I noticed a real difference within the first few uses. I’d been having little patches of dry flaky skin and when I used my foundation and powder you could still see them. As soon as I started using Decléor Intense Nutrition, those little patches of dry flaky skin stopped. I was elated!


At £44.50 this product isn’t cheap, and more than I would usually pay for a moisturiser. However, I have been so pleased with the effects I would definitely say it is worth the price tag. The packaging isn’t high end; Decléor put the money into the ingredients.

Final verdict:

I am so impressed by how this product has moisturised my skin and improved the dryness I will definitely buy it again. I have even recommended it to my friends.

It may be little bit more expensive, but at my age I feel I need to start taking my skin more seriously and this is an investment!


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16th January 2015

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