Review: Bamford Botanic Lip Balm

Dec 2 2014

Summer Spy

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Bamford lip balm

Reviewed by: Saffron Spy
Age: 50+
Skin Type: Very dry and sensitive

We reviewed Bamford Botanic Lip Balm (£12 for 15ml).

First impressions:

This little treasure comes in a dark green glass jar, with simple white graphics. There's no extra paper or packaging. The product feels weighty; the glass jar feels cool, heavy and a little bit special.

The balm itself is quite thick, you have to rub and warm the product in the jar to really get a good amount out. The thickness stays on your lips and creates a barrier against the cold.

What’s in it:

The balm is 100% organic, made in England and Soil Association certified. It includes peppermint, pink grapefruit and rose. There's also a boost of arnica which is used as an herbal anti-inflammatory, and can be helpful with bruising.

Other ingredients include coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and bergamot oil.


The Botanics Lip Balm is enjoyable to use.  It doesn’t give that ‘soggy lip’ feeling just after application. You know that feeling – a slippery-lipped, oil-slick of petroleum jelly. This balm glides on, and stays put, with the added bonus of a lovely scent.

The product isn't as long-lasting as some others, but it does feel like a treat.


The balm is a shot of moisture which makes my lips feel soft and well cared for. Peppermint, grapefruit and rose isn't a combination I would have thought of, but it's a beautiful light aroma that acts as a pick me up.

The product is perfect for winter as it is thick enough to create an effective barrier between the cold and the fragile skin around the lips.


Because the product packaging was so simple I was almost expecting a refined product, and at £12, the balm really needed to perform well. It is expensive, but oh so lovely. I would happily spend the extra for the organic ingredients and beautiful aroma.

Final verdict:

The Botanics Lip Balm has worked its way into my life – it now lives in my coat pocket. It not only keeps my lips protected, soft and moisturised, but it feels like a mini luxury I can reach for at any moment of the day!


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2nd December 2014

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