Review: Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser

We reviewed Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser (£29 for 200ml).

First impressions:

The product was well packaged, simple in design and not too fussy. The cleanser itself comes in a tall, slim bottle with an easy to use pump. 

I'm normally cautious about using rose scented products as some can be quite overpowering, but this was very subtle.

What’s in it:

The main ingredients are jojoba, rose and geranium essential oils. The cleanser is made in the UK, and Aromatherapy Associates doesn't test any of its ingredients or finished products on animals. All pretty ethical.


The instructions are very clear and the product is easy to use, the pump action makes it simple to apply. The product is quite thick and it has a luxury feel to it, it’s very creamy.  Once I had applied it to my skin it felt very light and the subtle fragrance was very relaxing.


The product blurb says it is very hydrating and I certainly noticed my skin didn’t feel as dry as it normally does as winter approaches. The product feels luxuriously like you are applying a rich moisturiser on your face before rinsing off! The cleanser removed most of my make-up; although I did need a separate eye make up remover.


The cleanser is so good that you only need to use a small amount. Compared to other luxury brands on the market, the price tag is very reasonable for the amount of product you get.

Final verdict:

I think this product would be perfect for someone with dry skin; it's creamy and rich, and hydrates the skin perfectly.

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