Spas are closed but there’s some good news…

Mar 18 2020

Savant Spy

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In difficult times we tend to hear more about negative human behaviour such as panic buying and bunker mentality. But a crisis can also show us what we’re truly made of, producing a burst of creativity and selfless community spirit that we find frankly heart-warming.

Positive news: not everything happening now is bad

If, like us, you have been obsessively tracking news sites these past few days, you may be aware it’s not having a great effect on your mental wellbeing. Yes, we need to know what is happening to stay safe, but our survival mechanism is naturally tuned towards a negative bias and this has an impact on our anxiety and mental health. To respond better, and stay well, we need some balance, that means taking time to consciously seek a positive, or at least more rounded perspective.

Covid-19 is causing immense suffering but -- according to a report -- has also reduced China’s carbon emissions by 25 per cent. Further global reduction to CO2 emission is expected due to travel bans and restrictions of movement.

Italy is one of the worst countries affected by coronavirus. But after a week of the decree Io Sto a Casa (I Stay At Home), the famously murky canals of Venice are now clear and filled with fishes, white swans and even dolphins have been spotted by the docks. A glimpse of a world without humans.

Tune into the website Positive News alongside the BBC News sites. Contact your spa to discuss their policy – at time of writing many spas are still open and implementing safety measures for both customers and therapists.

Comfort Zone’s hands on approach

The Italian skincare company Comfort Zone told us they have now started the production of hand sanitizing gel and have already donated over 50,000 bottles to all emergency services, retirement homes, red cross offices, immigrants centres etc. Sixty thousand more units are currently in production and will be destined to these associations within the next ten days, for a total of over 100,000 pieces given in order to meet to the Covid-19 emergency. Pai Skincare have also tweeted they are working on hand sanitiser in their factory and hope to get it out to their local community in Chiswick.

Emotional support

Many wellbeing resources are offering freebies or good advice to help us through the crisis,

Calm (, one of the more popular meditation apps, has created a free resource page for non-subscribers containing a “curation of content hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time.”

Make sure you stay tuned to the Good Spa Guide for our self-care and wellbeing tips, whether you are isolating at home or social distancing.


Savant Spy

18th March 2020

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