Meditation is a personal practice of self-induced quiet contemplation. Classes are designed to help you learn how to access the quiet spaces in between your thoughts. You may find meditation classes in a spa, as a way to aid relaxation and promote your sense of well-being.

Meditation has long been a part of both Western and Eastern philosophies. In Western culture, meditation has traditionally been used in monastic and church settings, believed to be a path to bring religious followers closer to their spiritual leader or god. In Eastern cultures, meditation has also been used as a spiritual exercise, often alongside chanting, singing or yoga postures.

What is meditation good for?

Meditation is believed to promote calmness, heighten self-awareness and develop and maintain focus. Some studies have suggested that meditation can also reduce stress and deliver positive changes to your metabolism, blood pressure and other bodily processes.

What to expect from a guided meditation session

There's nothing you need to do to prepare for a meditation session – you can meditate almost anywhere, at any time, wearing anything you feel comfortable in.

There'll be nothing strenuous to do in a meditation session, so classes are suitable for anyone, no matter what age you are, or your level of fitness.

A guided meditation session will take place in a quiet, tranquil place. You can expect to be sitting or lying down, and your instructor will lead you through a journey of breathing and visualisations. Your instructor may lead you through your meditation using a certain topic to focus your mind. This topic could be anything from learning patience, forgiveness, acceptance or positivity to simply walking you through a peaceful garden.

You will feel calm, relaxed and possibly a bit spaced-out. Take time to return to reality, and enjoy the feeling of calm serenity.

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