How much should I pay for a spa treatment?

Spa prices vary enormously. If you have the money, there's almost no limit to how much you could pay to go to a spa, or even for individual treatments.

In all walks of life, if you've got the money, there'll always be someone happy to take it off you with a gracious smile and a credit-card machine. Spas are no different, except that they may offer you a cup of green tea while they're doing it.

However, in our experience, price is not always a reliable guide to quality. You can pay as much as £350 for what may turn out to be a mediocre spa treatment or ritual, but also get an amazing body-and-spirit-changing treatment for less than £50.

When it comes to maximums and minimums, there really aren't any. You can expect to pay more for a spa treatment in central London, and at luxurious five-star hotels, but prices do vary within each region of the UK. But, here at The Good Spa Guide, we can give you an idea of the UK average, and what we consider to be "blowing the budget"!

How we rate charges at The Good Spa Guide

The guide prices we use to judge a spa as "affordable" or "extravagant" are worked out on the basis of the price of a one-hour facial, and a one-hour basic (Swedish or Traditional) massage. It's the "pound-per-minute" rule.

* £ "Affordable": Less than £60

* ££ "Push the boat out a bit": £60-90

* £££ "Blow the budget": £90+ per treatment

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"Instant results; jasmine and frangipani scents; hot steam rooms; a good selection of magazines; modernist decor."

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"Whale noises (on CD, not in the pool hopefully); hard massage beds; tiny toilet cubicles; being spoken to like a child; lukewarm pools."