Daytime Spa Rituals

Apr 30 2020

Serene Spy

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The Spa Spies have been talking about taking time out in our daily routine for a sneaky spa day ritual. Feels somewhat naughty, right... rejuvenating spa treatments on a workday? But many of us have gained an extra hour in the morning since we are no longer commuting to the office. We are also at home for lunch, so we can squeeze in a quick work-out or yoga class. You may not have access to all the regular spa facilities -  swimming pool, sauna and steam room, but why not add a spa shower and full body massage to the cooldown mix?

It’s healthy to break up the day, to have a screen break and unwind for a little. If you are unable to go out, using pampering spa products with natural skincare ingredients can be a great way to feel refreshed. Take an extra hour in the morning for a pre-breakfast spa experience, or just stop for a few minutes to give yourself a hand or scalp massage, do a deep breathing exercise, or do a couple of yoga stretches.

Here are two of our Spa Spies on their lockdown daytime rituals.

Eco Millennial’s Energising Morning Ritual

Finding motivation is harder for me in lockdown. It’s too easy to fall into old student habits, to roll out of bed onto your desk and begin work, but I can’t function like that anymore. My morning routine is essential for getting my brain and body into gear.

Ishga is an organic skincare product range created from seaweed hand-harvested in the Outer Hebrides, mixed with natural essential oils. The therapeutic properties of seaweed, which contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, are legendary.

The Ishga Spa at Home Collection (£39) is a self-care spa ritual in one tidy bundle and includes a body oil, body scrub, a candle and bath salts.

I normally have a shower first thing in the morning, but with nearly an hour saved from my daily commute, who’s to say I can’t begin the day with an aromatherapy bath? It also gives me a moment of me-time and a wellness boost: in the pre-Covid 19 world, I would savour my commute to read a book or listen to a podcast. A bath gives me this time back.

The luxury spa bath salts have an awakening lemony-fragrance and really soften my skin. A body scrub with salt and essential oils rather than soap makes my skin tingle with aliveness. If I skip the bath, I can use this in the shower, removing it with mitts. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and plump.

After, I use Ishga’s Invigorating Body Oil applied liberally to damp skin. I massage my body paying attention to my legs, lower back and shoulders – the oil glides on – then towel off, leaving my limbs feeling lithe, zingy and relaxed. With my body awake and my muscles more supple and relaxed, it’s the perfect time to do a couple of yoga asanas.

Now it’s time for refreshments - overnight oats and herbal tea. By the time I get to my desk, I feel alert, positive and focused. Borrowing from a traditional hygge ritual, I light a morning candle and take a moment to set my intentions and meditate on the flame. Ishga’s Natural Soya Candle, a blend of organic essential oils such as geranium, lavender, lemongrass and juniper berries, is like a gin and tonic for the mind. It smells like fresh sea air and it feels nice to have it flickering while I work: something else I couldn’t do in the office.

Finally, a spritz of Ishga Uplifting Organic Body Spray (£45) throughout the day transports me to the blustery Hebridean isles for an instant refresh.

Life Begins’ Post Lunchtime Work-Out Ritual

In the middle of the day, I try and either go for a run or do a yoga session: nothing major, just enough to get my energy going for the afternoon (although I can see a slide into siesta-breaks if this lockdown goes on).

The lockdown seems to have made amateur athletes of us all: my neighbours have turned their garden into a home gym, some of my friends with younger kids are doing daily PE lessons, while other friends are doing online yoga or Zooming their fitness classes.

My cool down ritual after is important, especially as I get older my muscles need extra TLC. There are plenty online: but basically, I do a hamstring stretch, downward dog and pigeon pose for each leg.

Next, the shower (obviously). I use Natural Spa Factory’s Yuzu Oil and Marjoram bodywash (£12). It’s vegan friendly and inspired by the Japanese art of bathing where Yuzu fruits are scattered in the warm bath water. Yuzu is said to have medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties, is anti-bacterial and stress-relieving. It has a lovely uplifting grapefruit-y scent.

I will also use my Dermalogica Ultracalming Skin Cleanser (£33) in the shower, as it is gentle but does the job: my skin might be a bit red and sensitive after a run. For the same reason, I use a soothing moisturiser: my current favourite being Germaine de Capuccini’s Tolerance Rich Care Cream (£61.15) with rosemary, tea, liquirice, camomile and arnica. It’s light, cooling and reduces redness, as well as giving an instant lift and plumping effect.

After, I will take time to massage my legs, hips and glutes (long stretches with intermittent circling movements) and feet. I have started using Raised Spirit CBD Massage Oil (£44.99) as much has been written about how cannabinoids can reduce inflammation and help heal muscle damage, even when applied topically (although this is largely anecdotal until more research is done). Raised Spirit, which extracts its CBD from hemp in Oxfordshire and is organic and vegan, was started by ex-athlete Nick Osipczak, who was looking for a wholesome and effective way to heal sports injuries. Some people report instant effects, but I haven’t noticed anything particularly dramatic. However, it’s a lovely, rich oil and encourages me to massage my muscles and feet, which certainly don’t ache as much as usual.

Back at the desk, I feel great and revitalised.


Serene Spy

30th April 2020

Spy Likes:

Soft fluffy robes, imaginative vegetarian food, products that combine luxury with strong eco credentials and spas which look after their therapists’ wellbeing too.

Spy Dislikes:

Showers that aren't spotless, snootiness and having to get dressed for lunch.

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