Review: Carita Lagoon Scrub

Apr 20 2015

Summer Spy

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Carita lagoon scrub

Reviewed by: Sensitive Spy
Age: Mid 40s
Skin type: Sensitive and combination

We reviewed the Carita Lagoon Scrub "Bain des Lagons exfoliator" (£47 for 50ml).

First impressions:

This exfoliating facial scrub comes from luxury French beauty company Carita. Forming part of Carita's ideal hydration range, the exfoliator is inspired by one of its famous salon treatments: le rénovateur, a restoring, exfoliating skin massage, involving essential oils and sunflower seeds.

It is packaged in a suitably chic white tube, in typical French pharmacy style. The consistency of this exfoliator, described on the packaging as a “lusciously soft cream” came as a bit of a surprise. In its place was a turquoise blue lotion, speckled with black grains, which turned out to be sunflower seeds. It has a minty-menthol smell, which, combined with its distinctive colour (presumably inspired by the lagoon bath), brought to mind a grainy toothpaste!

What's in it:

The lotion is said to have a double exfoliating action – both from the enzymes contained in the product, and from the sunflower seeds. In fact, there is another unsung ingredient revealed in the ingredients list: polyethylene. These did the exfoliating job pretty well, but they felt scratchy to my sensitive skin. Also, from an enviromental point of view, I’m not wild about the idea of having plastic beads (microbeads) in skincare products. Other active ingredients include jojoba and sweet almond oils, glycerine and aloe vera. Perfume unsurprisingly came halfway up the ingredients list – which is pretty high for me.


Carita’s lagoon scrub is targeted at “age prevention for dehydrated skin”.  I therefore expected something much gentler.

The exfoliant can be used once or twice a week. It should be massaged on gently to dry or damp skin, avoiding the eye area, and washed off with warm water.


I like to exfoliate my face in the shower, so that I can be sure of removing all traces of product, and wasn’t keen on rubbing this scrub into dry skin.

However, despite my earlier grumbles, the product largely did what it claimed and perked up my dehydrated, tired skin. It left it with a healthy glow and feeling definitely smoother. My skin felt slightly tingly afterwards, (presumably the menthol effect) but it didn’t flare up.  

As it’s not left on the skin, I’m sometimes sceptical as to how a face scrub could have more than a temporary effect. But when used once a week as directed, it left my face feeling soft, smooth and minty-clean.


At £47 for a 50ml tube, I would say that the scrub represents relatively poor value for money, although one small tube will last you an awfully long time.

Final Verdict:

If you’re a fan of Carita or other high-end French brands and you like a strong exfoliation then this might just be for you. Next time however, I’d opt for something cheaper and gentler.



Summer Spy

20th April 2015

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