Review: 5 Anti-Ageing Eye Creams

Jan 17 2017

Savant Spy

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Brilliant bright eyes

The Spa Spies test some of the best anti-ageing creams that will lift, shine and add a little sparkle to your eyes.

Thalgo Ultimate Time Solution for Eyes and Lips 

15ml, £55

Key ingredients: micro patch cafeine, peptilift, Thalgo’s age reverse complex

First impressions: The silver-on-silver circular container is suitably glamorous and space-age. The white writing – including the ingredients list – is hard to make out, especially since it is aimed at the 50 plus market: squinting to read it might produce extra lines! Twist off the top, peel back the inner lid and the bright, clean, crisp fragrance of the pale, compact cream springs forth.

What’s it like: A tiny dab is all you need – the cream looks light but is very rich and quite oily at first, although this quickly sinks in. According to the instructions, you dab the anti dark circle cream on your fore and middle finger then drag them along the top and bottom of your eye, widening it as you do, then massage your crows-feet. If you want to smooth your wrinkles, you can then massage around your eyes.

Does it work? The area where I applied the cream gleamed at first but my skin almost instantly became notably brighter and plumper. When the cream sunk in, the brightness remained and I could easily apply my make-up on top. I haven’t yet tried it but you can also use the eye cream on your lip contour and on the frown lines between your eyebrows. Even more reasons to love it.

Verdict: I’m not quite 50, but the skin around my eyes and lips can get thin and dehydrated in winter and this cream had a miraculous instant brightening, plumping and rehydrating effect. And because a little goes a long way, I feel this nourishing eye treatment is worth the money.

Guinot Eye Fresh Cream

15ml, £42

Key ingredients: veinofresh, caffeine, horse chestnut extract, hydrocyte complex

First impressions: The Eye Fresh Cream comes in a white tube with red and gold writing – classic French pharmacy chic. The wide, curved metal applicator feel very cool to the touch and is a great wake-me-up in the mornings. The applicator helps limits the amount of product goes on so you don’t have to smudge eye cream down your cheek bones.

What’s it like: The white cream also goes on feeling cold; it’s relatively light and doesn’t feel too rich. Squidge the tube and gently apply in the cream with the applicator. The instructions say to dot under the eye and then massage it in underneath and above the eye – not including the eye lid. The cream layers on the skin smoothly and leaves a gentle sheen.

Does it work? The cream feels fresh and takes a good few minutes to sink in and hydrate, my skin definitely looks more luminous and plump. I haven’t seen any longer terms effect yet, but it does temporarily refresh and blur the fine lines around my eyes.

Verdict: I love the ease of use of the Eye Fresh cream. In the morning I really don’t want to fuss around with extra pots and potions, with this I simple swipe and go. The cool applicator feels great against the skin too.

Caudalie Premier Cru: The Eye Cream 

15ml, £49

Key ingredients: grape seed polyphenol, resveratrol from grapevine stalks, viniferine from grapevine spa – vive les vignerons!

First impressions: The Premier Cru Eye Cream comes in a reassuringly weighty silver, gold and glass bottle. It’s simple and chic. Pop off the top and you have a pump action dispenser – one pump dispenses a lot of the product so you don’t need to push it all the way down. The cream embraces Caudalie’s philosophy of using natural, grape derived products without any nasties.

What’s it like: The cream isn’t pure white, it a richer warmer colour so blends with the skin beautifully. I followed the instructions (there’s a handy video on the Caudalie website) to dot around the skin underneath the eyes, gently tap in and then sweep it up into the crease lines at the edge of your eyes. The cream is super hydrating and sinks into the skin without leaving an obvious sheen.

Does it work? I’ve used gel-based eye cream up before so this was a real treat for my skin. The richer cream feels like it’s doing the delicate eye area a world of good and it is subtle enough to sit under eye make up well. My skin look plumper and the colour reflects the light well so there’s an instantly youthful, bright eye effect.k plumper and the colour reflects the light well so there’s an instantly youthful effect.

Verdict: A little amount goes a long way with this cream – I’ve used it for just over a month and it’s still going strong. It feels like a treat for my skin and works well with my skin care and make up routine, it’s the best eye cream - a gold star from me.

Temple Spa Eye Truffle

15ml,  £65

Key ingredients: black summer truffles, Champagne extract, PhytoCellTecTM Argan, sapphire, gold and silk actives

First impressions: The packaging oozes indulgence with black and bronze covering the box. As I lifting the top of the box I half expected Belgium chocolates to fall out. The eye cream sat proudly in the centre in an elegant black pump bottle with bronze lid. The ingredients sound beautiful – with champagne, truffle and strawberry extract it almost sounds good enough to eat.

What’s it like: The cream come out ever so slightly pink and very light to the touch. The instructions say to take a small pea size amount, don’t try to use a full pump, it would be excessive. I used it morning and night using my ring fingers to gently press it onto the bone above and below my eye. It absorbed easily and left my skin feeling smooth and supple.

Does it work? After a few uses the dehydration lines around my eyes were noticeably reduced and my skin looked plump and healthy. It is a splurge at £60, but if you are concerns with ageing or have gone through a period of insomnia this is a great way to give your eye area a much deserved treat.

Verdict: Eye Truffle is a pleasure to use and it feel so indulgent. I would buy it again but use it sparingly – everyone deserves a treat now and again don’t they?

Aromatherapy Associates Rich Repair Eye Cream

15ml, £53

Key ingredients: shea butter, rose wax, rose oil, apricot kernel oil, baobab

First impressions: The eye repair cream comes in a small white dispenser: it’s simple, chic and quite understated. Use the pump action top; one pump gives about the right amount of cream for both eyes.

What’s it like: The cream is white and richer than other eye creams I have used. It sinks into the skin quickly – important in the morning when I just want to get my make-up and concealer on and go.

Does it work? Amazingly well! I have used a range of eye creams before: eye gels, eye serums and creams, some cheap and some painfully expensive. I have reached the stage of life where my collagen depleted, tired eyes are showing my age. Hydration is needed. The upper lids are looking a bit hooded, the delicate skin under the eye area is getting dark and puffy and the crows’ feet have started to show. The average eye gel or cream seems to smooth and brighten the skin around the eye contour a little but it doesn’t last. This thicker, richer cream actually made a long term difference to the under-eye area. The puffiness has gradually gone, my skin looks smoother and the crows’ feet have softened a bit too.

Verdict: When I saw how small the container is I thought it might not last long, but after two months' of use it is still going strong. For me, and anyone else at a certain time of life, this is a good buy.


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17th January 2017

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