5 products to bring light to the dark winter days

Feb 10 2021

Scarlet Spy

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Light into darkness

Hope is on the horizon. The snowdrops are out in force, the evenings are getting a little lighter and the bird song a little louder. Here are a handful of our favourite spa-inspired products to help light up the dark days…

Temple Spa’s Trufflesque Face Mask  (75 ml | £55)

Everyone needs a pot of gold in their winter survival kit – thick, luxurious, liquid gold. Temple Spa’s Trufflesque is one of the Spa Spies favourite winter pick-me-ups. Even the ingredients are indulgent: black summer truffles to help plump the skin (and make us dream of Italian holidays), gold and silk peptides to smooth, and diamond powder.

Temple Spa recommend painting your face in gold once a week as part of your ‘me time’ ritual. To ensure none of the goodness is lost, after 15-20 minutes massage the gold elixir into your skin. Leave for a few more minutes before removing with a muslin cloth or flannel. Expect a radiant glow. 

Our Spa Spy discovered Trufflesque in her Champagne & Truffles Deluxe Treatment (90 minutes, £135) at Five Bubble Lincombe Hall Spa on the English Riviera. 

Comfort Zone Tranquility Oil (200 ml | £40)

Sinking into a steamy hot bath at the end of a long winter’s day is one of life’s simple pleasures – and right now, simple pleasures are where it’s at. Light a candle, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple or a calming herbal tea and add Comfort Zone's Tranquillity Oil to your bath for the ultimate home spa experience. Once diluted, the oil transforms into a milky fluid for optimal hydration, while the spa-inspired scent (sandalwood, rose and sweet orange) calms the senses. This versatile oil can also be massaged into the skin or left in the hair as an overnight treatment. 

The beautiful thick frosted-glass bottle is reminiscent of a French perfume and will add a little glam to any bathroom. What’s more, all Comfort Zone products are vegan and free from silicones, mineral oils, parabens and artificial colours – so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

Neom Organics Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle  (140g | £40)

Is it a candle? Is it a skin treatment? Well, yes, this clever candle/body oil mash-up offers light, warmth and some deep hydration and nourishment for the skin. 

The candle comes in a small white ceramic jug with a bronze drip below the pouring lip. Simply light and allow it to burn for 15-45 minutes, while breathing in the heady scent of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. As the candle melts, a pool of oil (sweet almond, baobab, jojoba) will liquify on top. Blow out the candle and allow for the oil to cool – the low melt point means it’s ready to pour within just two minutes. Finally, drizzle the warm, fragrant oil onto your skin, massage and cocoon yourself in calm. Our Spa Spy tried the Intensive Skin Treatment Candle and reported: “The thick, warm oil felt super-indulgent. I used it on the dry skin on my (winter) legs and it was absorbed surprisingly quickly. The result: my legs felt really hydrated and happy for the first time in months and I smelt divine for the rest of the day – thumbs up!” 

Natura Bisse Diamond Cocoon Skin Booster (30 ml | £225)

We love Natura Bisse products here at Good Spa Guide HQ and we’re not alone – celeb fans include Beyoncé, Elle MacPherson and Sarah Jessica Parker. Natura Bisse’s Diamond Cocoon Collection was created to address the effects of today’s invisible aggressors, liberating skin from impurities and shielding it against pollutants. One of the superheroes in the collections is the Diamond Cocoon Skin Booster, which not only fends off pollutant particles, but uses OxySkin-HEV to prevent and repair damage caused by the blue light (HEV) emitted from laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices – something we could all benefit from right now! Apply three pumps to a similar amount of your usual cream or serum, mix with your fingertips and apply to the face until fully absorbed. You can thank us later. 

For your chance to win over £340 worth of Natura Bisse luxury products and an overnight stay for two at Grantley Hall, check out our February competition

OTO CBD Focus roll-on oil (8 ml | £79)

CBD continues to grow as a self-care alternative, especially now with so many people looking to enhance productivity or relax while working from home. Plant-derived CBD has also just been added as a legal ingredient in cosmetics by a key market regulator for trade in the European Union: a positive move for the industry and CBD lovers, alike. OTO CBD products are full of high strength cannabidiol and are designed to provide a moment of clarity. According to OTO, they react with our bodies to help regulate physiological functions, positively influencing mood and reducing anxiety. They also feature Ayurvedic essential oils, carefully selected to promote positive mood and alertness.

OTO’s Focus range, in particular, was designed to bring focus throughout the day when you need a moment to re-centre. Rich in nootropics and adaptogens, the Ayurvedic botanicals, including ylang-ylang and peppermint, blended with pure CBD create a powerful combination that may just help you shake off the winter blues.  

To use, you simply roll on the temples or wrists three times a day, or whenever you need to bring your thought into focus. The terpene-rich oils are applied to areas of skin where the veins are close to the surface, so the CBD is absorbed in the spot. 


Scarlet Spy

10th February 2021

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Nature-inspired spas, cold water plunges, sound baths, deep tissue massage, delicious food.

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