We try Zelens’ new Signature 4D Contouring & Sculpting facial

May 5 2022

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As we enter our late thirties/early forties, the quantity and quality of our collagen levels start to decline, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles (sigh). And while I’m all for ageing naturally, the chance to try a non-surgical face lift - courtesy of Zelens brand new Signature treatments at Chuan Spa – piqued my interest. No cutting, no surgery and no post-treatment downtime; just non-evasive collagen-boosting technology and botanicals. Sign me up.

Tell me about Zelens

Dr Marko Lens is a London-based doctor, a specialist in ageing and skin cancer and a child alchemist-turned-botanist. Lens’ passion for botanicals was sparked during his child-hood - as a young boy he would collect plants and flowers with his grandmother and watch in wonder as she combined them with olive oil to create her own skin recipes. 

Later, living in Oxford, he completed his Phd in the field of melanoma, beginning to understand the role that antioxidants play in protecting the skin from cancers. This inspired Lens to explore the use of topically-applied antioxidants to slow down premature ageing in the skin. It was the pairing of plants with high-tech skin science that inspired the Zelens skincare brand. 

The ingredients 

Lens is keen to acknowledge that one single hero ingredient can’t do the job alone - instead multiple active ingredients must work in synergy. After discovering that Vitamin B12 increased the activity of Melatonin, he added B12 to the Melatonin Serum – transforming the old off-white formula to a shade of pink in the process. Never a bad thing.

The brand cleverly list all their ingredients in their Zelens Garden Library: an online A-Z of all the plants and botanicals from around the world used in the products. 

They are fragrance free, too, meaning the gentle scents only come from the active ingredients themselves. They also have an eco-cert approved preservative system, meaning all four preservatives - Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin and Sorbic Acid – come from molecules that can only be found in nature (such as rowan berries and willow bark). 

Where can I try it? 

Chuan Spa at The Langham has just announced a new partnership with Zelens from May 2022. This subterranean sanctuary – just a short stroll from Oxford Circus - focuses on the healing philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the principles of the five elements. The serene spa is located on the lower floor in a separate building behind the hotel; you almost forget you’re in central London until the tube rumbles beneath you. If you book a Zelens treatment here, you can expect clinical strength professional products - alongside some high-tech machines - designed to offer an instantly visible face lift. 

Tell us about your treatment

We tried the Zelens’ New Signature 4D Contouring & Sculpting facial, (90 minutes, £235).

My therapist, Daniela, met me in the pre-treatment waiting room and led me to one of the three treatment rooms. Daniela talked through my skin issues - redness and dehydration - and left me to disrobe on the heated bed. 

She commenced the treatment by applying Shisho Balm Radiance Cleanser, made with Japanese mint - the scent is fresh and natural and transforms from balm to a light milk when water is added. This was followed by Microbiota P3: a prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic soothing facial mist which helps protect the skins microbiome balance, Daniela explained. 

Daniela then applied a professional charcoal peel with probiotic renewal complex and three potent enzymes. She advised that it may tingle a little as it worked its magic but it was fine.  

Next step: the contouring and sculpting part of the treatment using Zelens’ URF machine, combining ultrasound with multi-polar radiofrequency

Daniela explained that the ultrasonic probe vibrates 1 million times per second, penetrating the skin at a deeper level than any other non-invasive treatment. This helps to boost the body’s own collagen and improve the absorption of nutrients. 

After applying a gel to my skin, Daniela moved the probe gentle across my face, neck and décolletage to help sculpt and tighten my skin.

She then moved onto the Radiofrequency (RF) Therapy, using high-level soundwaves to gentle heat the dermis, penetrating up to 2cm deep. The machine felt slightly warm on my skin as Daniela moved it around my face to create an immune reaction to stimulate the production of collagen. While she did this, Daniela explained that this non-surgical face lift provides immediate effects which can last for up to two weeks. Result.

Daniela finished the treatment with an incredible face massage, using mechanical-like movements with her hands around my jaw, jowl and the rest of my face and neck. Finally she applied Peptide Complex restructuring cream – formulated with an anti-ageing cocktail containing six high-performance peptides, probiotics and fermented algae.


It felt great to try something a little different to a regular facial. The combination of botanicals, vitamins and high-tech science appealed to me. The products really did feel incredible on my skin and URF machine left my skin visibly brighter and healthy looking. 

We loved…

The new-look packaging: Gone is the green; in its place a classic contemporary design in frosted glass with black writing and lid. These will add a little decadence to any bathroom shelf.

My own prescription of Zelens Products: Daniela sent us home with our own personalised prescription of Zelens products. The Power B (B12) high potency is choc-full of B vitamins; great for any redness. Follow this with a good slather of Peptide Complex restructuring cream for divine intervention. 

We didn’t love…
Having to expose our beautifully glow-y post-treatment skin to the London Underground. Although Daniela assured us that the products were designed to protect from any nasties. Thumbs up.  


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5th May 2022

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