Treatment review: the Baobab Feel Good Ritual at K West Hotel & Spa

Oct 24 2014

Scarlet Spy

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Why we wanted to review it

The Baobab Feel Good Ritual at K West Hotel & Spa is reported to bring the best kept secret of African beauty and wellbeing to London. The Spa Spies love discovering new spa treatments so we couldn’t resist finding out if this one lives up to its name.

What products did they use?

The treatment uses Germaine De Cappucini Perfect Forms products. My therapist used the Oil Tonic Scrub, the Firm &Tonic Oil and the Dreamy Legs cooling gel. After my treatment I was given a glass of gorgeous Baobab smoothie, made from Aduna's Baobab Superfruit Powder

What happened before the treatment?

K Spa is a stylish subterranean London spa. I was welcomed into the bright spa reception, given a robe and slippers, and led along a softly-lit corridor to the changing rooms and thermal spa area. I slipped into a robe in the well-stocked changing rooms and padded back down the corridor to reception. After filling out a consultation form, my therapist Sheila took me to the treatment room. 

Describe the treatment

Sheila talked me through the treatment and asked me to settle on the bed with a towel covering me up. She placed a smaller heated towel dowsed in essential oils on my chest and I immediately felt cosy and comforted, breathing in the frankincense-based scent. 

The treatment started with Sheila pressing hot herb poultices into pressure points along my body, teasing the tension out of my muscles. She then exfoliated my skin using the Baobab scrub. The creamy oil soaked into my skin and the seeds brushed away impurities. I could feel my skin livening up and ‘glowing’ as Sheila worked across each part of my body.

Sheila gently wiped off the scrub, and used an over-the-towel rocking massage – a slow, pressure-release technique that works to improve energy flow. Moving the towel down, Sheila massaged the back of my body using the Baobab oil, which felt silky compared to the scrub. She dripped cooling gel onto the backs of my legs before massaging it in.  

Once Sheila asked me to turn over, I could feel my body obeying but my mind remained floating in the clouds. She worked across my body, using rolling and smoothing techniques, concentrating on long, slow strokes to help the lymphatic and circulatory systems, relieve tension and completely relax my body.

At the end of the massage Sheila placed a heated towel under my neck and used it to lift my head up slightly and roll it from side to side. The scent of warming essential oils filled the air, for the final stage of the treatment: the gentle working of pressure points on my face and scalp.

How did you look/feel afterwards?

It was as if I’d awoken from a blissful and refreshing sleep. I didn’t stay sleepy for long, especially once I was putting my robe back on and sipping the delicious Baobab smoothie. My skin felt soft and rejuvenated, and I was ready to explore the thermal facilities.

Who would like this treatment?

This is a great treatment if you are feeling de-energised and run-down – or if you want to indulge in a long and blissful massage that will scrub new life into your skin.

Price and duration

The Feel Good Baobab Treatment costs £110 for 70 minutes. £2 of your purchase will be donated to the Aduna Foundation.

Where you can have the treatment?

You can find Baobab treatments at Germaine De Cappucini spas. But you can only have the Feel Good Baobab Ritual at K Spa at K West Hotel & Spa in London.


Scarlet Spy

24th October 2014

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Nature-inspired spas, cold water plunges, sound baths, deep tissue massage, delicious food.

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Thin walls in treatment rooms, lounger hoggers, soggy robes, bright lights.

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