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Starry-eyed spa-ing: How to prepare for a romantic spa break

Endlessly in Love?



Many loved-up folks start to get palpitations when it comes to finding the perfect way to say "I love you". Calm down! We know that it can be tough showing the one you love how you feel, but follow our advice and you'll be the perfect partner!

A massage made for two ...

Spa à deux

Some people think that heading to a spa is a solo excursion - not so!

There are plenty of spas out there that cater for those of you that simply can't bear to be apart, and a spa day can be so romantic -- think hot tub and champagne, holding hands in the sauna or maybe a sensual private hammam experience. A dual treatment room means you don't even have to be separated during your massage!

Get kitted out

Looking your very best for your best beloved is all part of the romance. Whether you're looking to whisk your lady away for a spa weekend, your man is treating you, or you're taking some time away together, check out these super-glamorous swimsuits - the perfect addition to your romantic time together.


Swimwear selected by The Good Spa Guide

Get prepared

If you're going away and you want to pack light, the lovely people over at Spa Ritual have the perfect soloution.