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Dec 13 2017

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Boy would I love to be in a hot steam room right now. Looking out the window it’s bright and icy: you need skis to get anywhere. As much I crave a spa day, I don’t want to end up skidding into a ditch and calling the RAC. No matter: we have the capability to create a warming winter spa in the safety of your own home. Step this way…

Shut out the world

Give yourself a couple of hours at least with no distractions. Take a day off work and book yourself into your own Self-Care Staycation at home.

Send away animals and/or children, or at least ban them from your dedicated spa zone (use bribes, threats and distractions if necessary, but total banishment is best).

Put your phone on airplane mode.

Give yourself permission to have this me-time. If you find that hard, remember everyone you know and love will thank you for being a nicer person at the end of it!

Set your home spa intention - do you want to relax, revive, detox or indulge?

Prepare your post-spa relaxation area

Your bedroom is probably best, although with no one home, and curtains drawn, you could use your living room.

Gather scented candles, chillaxing soundtracks.

Get creative with your mood lighting. Light a real fire or tune into YouTube’s fake fire.

Create the perfect spa ‘lounger’ with blankets and cushions. Lay some comfy towels on the bed so you can flop there damply and have a snooze while cooling down.

Get a healthy smoothie or warm drink ready.

Snacks – dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit, or cake and a glass of fizz (why not, it’s nearly Christmas).

Glossy mags, books or mindful colouring books – whatever floats your boat.

Home Spa Trend: Meditation nooks. Basically, grown-up hippie dens. Hang wispy curtains, giant scarves or throws in a cosy corner somewhere, pile up lots of cushions, add candles, crystals, dream catchers, Himalayan salt lamps, singing bowls and plants if you want to go crazy – have fun creating your ultimate Zen space.

Decide - bath or shower?

Bath – great for relaxing, getting ready for bed (studies have shown that a bath before bed simulates the same temperature drop that signals to our body that it’s time to sleep).

Use salts for mineral richness, seaweed or algae if you are feeling adventurous, or good old fashioned scented bubble bath. Check out our favourite winter baths here.

Shower – good for a steamy scrub and mud treatment, for detoxing and energising.

Tip: rub a scented shower oil into your torso and inhale its scent from the palm of your hands as you step into the steam.

Prepare your spa ‘wet room’

Spa wet rooms are usually infused with aroma oils, but use scented candles, oil burners -- anything but air freshener.

If you have a portable speaker, make a playlist of your favourite chill out tunes.

Get creative with lighting – turn off the overhead bright lights if bathing and use candlelight.

Create a comfy seat for when you emerge from your bath/shower. If your bathroom is bijou, simply arrange a cushion and towels on your (closed) toilet seat.

Lay out your body brush, body scrub, hair or body mud, face pack, shower and bath oil, soft fluffy robe and a jug of water, with chopped fruit and ice.

Home Spa Trend: plants in the bathroom… but you knew that, right. It’s all over social media.

Choose a treatment

For a Facial – cleanser, exfoliator, mask, serum and moisturiser, plus flannel to remove products, hair band and towel.

Mani-Pedi – nail varnish removers, hand and foot exfoliators and creams, clippers, files and cuticle remover, plus varnishes if you want, and a decent lamp.

Massage – all you need is a good massage oil. Most parts you can massage yourself, or with a partner/very, very close friend. Remember to wipe oil off your feet just in case you have a sudden urge to answer the door or practise some yoga moves.

Home Spa Trend: Spa Massage Candles. Utter bliss in cold weather, and the extra heat really relaxes stressed and aching muscles. Just makes sure it’s a massage candle, not actual candle – we know you’re not fools, just sayin’ …

Let us know your home spa tips and treats.


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13th December 2017

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