Wallow in Temple Spa Mud

Apr 22 2016

The Spa Spy

Spa Spy

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I am partial to a mud wrap at a spa, but it would never occur to me to do one at home – until I was sent Temple Spa’s Glorious Mud

First thought was, it'll make an amusing blog piece: smothering myself in mud and encasing myself in a clear plastic body suit. How is that not intrinsically funny?

However, daft as it sounds, I would totally recommend doing this. It’s cheaper than going to a spa, it’s fun, it works and it feels comfortingly fabulous – you just have to make sure everyone is out when you do it, because you’re going to look like you’ve totally lost the plot.

The mud comes in a generous clear plastic container so you can see its lovely, rich Farrow & Ball-esque hue (I did consider smearing it on my walls as a colour test, but I don’t want my family having me committed just yet). Ingredients include hydrating and detoxifying seaweed, oat, aloe and essential oils such as grapefruit, juniper and rosemary.

As you open the easy flip catch lid, the uplifting citrus smell hits you; it’s deliciously spa like and refreshing. Citrus ingredients are great for cleansing, so I purposefully did this treatment on a Monday night after a few Gin and Tonics over the weekend, (although I see no reason why you can’t do it while sipping a G&T – just not too many: you don’t want to forget you’re wearing a body bag full of mud and take the dog for a walk).

Tip one – to give yourself the full spa experience at home use a scrub first to remove dead skin cells: just make sure you remove all the scrub and dry your skin thoroughly.

The instructions say to warm the mud in your hand before you apply – you do need to do this as the mud is naturally cool. It is easy to apply and using only about a quarter of the tub, I slathered myself from head to toe. Check out this amusing video of a chap doing it on the Temple Spa page...

Tip two – try not to get the product on your nails as it’s hard to remove. Also, avoid the soles of your feet as you may slip in the shower or leave disturbing muddy footprints around the house.

Next came the fun part – the full body sauna suit. It’s a clear plastic cover shaped as a body with a slit down the back for ease of use. Tall or wide, there will be plenty of room for you – if it is too big, just tie up the extra bits of plastic. I stepped in and ripped holes for my hands so I could work the TV remote, although I made sure I cleaned my hands first.

Tip three – make sure you go to the loo first. You don’t want to have to negotiate ripping open your body suit and hovering over a toilet with a muddy bottom.

I avoided looking at myself in a full length mirror, but imagined a cross between the giant Marshmallow Man and Slimer in Ghostbusters. I then popped on a bathrobe and squelched on the sofa watching EastEnders for half an hour, occasionally giggling and sending selfies to friends while the dog gave me odd looks.

Temple Spa say to leave the mud on until it dries but I was comfortable leaving it on for longer. The sauna suit really does make you feel warm and the mud is luxuriously soft, like being wrapped in a warm cashmere blanket.

I showered off the mud easily and surprisingly it didn’t stain my white bath. In fact, it barely made any mess at all! As promised, my skin afterwards felt smooth, silky and glowing.  

I think I will get another three treatments out of the pot and for such a fun experience, I felt it was worth £45… the four All Wrapped Up sauna suits are £10 extra however, which seems a lot for a bin bag!


The Spa Spy

22nd April 2016

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