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Mar 7 2014

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Head honcho of Brighton's Treatment Rooms, Clare Rogers, read our post on the 24-Karat Gold facial, and got in touch to tell us that DIBI had a new gold moisturiser, which was proving popular, even though it has a whopping £220 price tag!

DIBI Gold face cream

We got our hands on a sample jar and gave it a whirl.

Dibi Gold says that gold, "... has been proven to contain anti-oxidising properties which protect the skin from the ravages of time and promote the rejuvenation of skin cells. Using nanotechnology, Dibi Gold contains particles of gold, which reflect the light, brightening and toning the skin."

But does it brighten and tone? Well, Dibi Gold is a pale apricot-coloured cream with a light, floral scent. Thick, and satisfyingly rich, Dibi Gold is one of the easiest creams I've ever applied. The cream simply sank without trace into my skin. I decided to go for a half-face test to see if it lived up to its claims... It just might.

After just ten minutes, half my face felt smoother than the other. Although the fine lines were very much still there around my eyes, I think they were a little softened. Imagine what the recommended 30 days might do! No sparkle though, and I have to confess that sparkle was what I expected.

If £220 is a tad pricey (and if it isn't, could you buy us all a pot, please?), then you can get a precious-metal spa fix for a little less. Love silver? The May Fair, London uses Biodroga products, some of which contain silver.

For the last word in indulgence, head to Harrod's Urban Retreat to try the Creme de la Mer Ultimate Facial, which uses Sea Quartz and diamond dust in a 90-minute facial celebration of all things divine and decadent!

But I love that you can experience something precious that's eco-friendly, too. SpaRitual products are vegan, eco-conscious and contain gemstone extracts. Their tourmaline and citrine-packed products are used in hand and foot rituals at a range of spas including Moddershall Oaks and The Scarlet in Cornwall.


Shy Spy

7th March 2014

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