Eco Millennial shares her Lockdown ‘Holiday’ Diary

Jun 8 2020

Spirited Spy


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You’ve probably heard us talk about forest bathing quite a lot. It’s not only about being outdoors in nature but taking in your surroundings in a mindful way; truly being in the present moment.

In May, we wrote about botanical products and spa gardens. Although I am itching to get to a real spa right now, looking at beautiful photos of gardens made me feel as though I was there. Some studies actually show that looking at photos of trees and nature can help reduce stress. I feel the same way when using a spa product that has an uplifting scent to whisk me away to a certain happy memory or place.

I have just come back from a ‘holiday’ despite lockdown and not being able to go abroad. I simply took a few days off WFH and behaved as I would if I really had taken a trip somewhere different. It really rejuvenated me as I was beginning to feel on the edge of burning out, particularly due to how anxious the pandemic makes me feel – I’m sure a lot of people can relate.

I spent the week in nature and the time I did spend indoors, I did a lot of workouts, meditation, baking, caught up on my reading and went on some ‘wanderful’ walks.

I thought I’d share my LD Holiday Diary to inspire or amuse. I hope you too find time to ‘escape’ and enjoy some time off.

Day 1: My boyfriend and I went to a local organic shop and bought some freshly baked rosemary bread. We went on an hour long walk around our neighbourhood eating ice lollies and enjoyed the lovely 22-degree heat. I felt so happy just enjoying the simple things in that moment – the sunshine, the heat on my skin, the smell of the fresh bread that I was holding.

Day 2: After doing my morning workout (just a simple abs and legs exercise from YouTube), we walked to our local park and took some snacks with us. It was quite busy (everyone was social distancing, of course) as the weather was amazing. I really tuned into every sensation – the kids at the park laughing and running around, the soft grass on my bare legs, the taste of the delicious chocolate cake that I baked the day before.

Day 3: We rented bikes and cycled around our neighbourhood all the way up to a large park. There’s an area in our neighbourhood lined with beautiful large houses and huge trees all along the pavements. When cycling through it quite literally feels like you’re in a forest as the trees are so close together with sunlight filtering gently through the leaves – it’s truly therapeutic. It may be just psychological for me, but even the air feels nicer and crisper when cycling in nature.

Day 4: I have a very small garden – more of a patio but it was really overgrown and messy (I could barely see the floor!). We spent a few hours under the sun chopping down plants and clearing the whole garden. It was my first-time gardening and I really should’ve done it sooner. I felt so in tune with my surroundings and observing every pretty flower and plant I came across.

Day 5: We decided to have a more relaxed day but still went for a walk. I think we walked for a good two hours that day just wandering off into new streets and areas that we haven’t seen before. It made me realise how important it is to spend time outside and discover new things – it makes all of your senses tingle, in a good way.

A few of my favourite this this month:

Whenever I was outdoors, I always wore SPF. My go-to facial SPF has been Comfort Zone Sun Soul Face Cream in SPF 30 (£20, 60ml). They also do SPF50 or lower if you prefer.

Nostalgia TV: I’ve really been enjoying watching Freaks and Geeks – it’s a teen drama from the 90s and it stars Seth Rogen, James Franco and Linda Cardellini. It’s a really fun watch and quirky watch.


Spirited Spy

8th June 2020

Spy Likes:

Boutique boltholes with a good dose of opulence; island retreats; panoramic views; informative therapists; fluffy dressing gowns.

Spy Dislikes:

Worn towels; wet floors; tired design; bad acoustics; unruly children.

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