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May 1 2020

Serene Spy

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There is something about lavender that really soothes me; just looking at its beautiful purple colour boosts my mood. Whenever I use lavender products, I envision myself somewhere in the South of France sat in a lavender field with a glass of wine (I wish!).

Lavender oil in the aromatherapy world is probably one of the more popular ingredients in spa products. It is said to help with things from stress and sleep to fungal infections. Studies have also shown that it can help relieve mild anxiety and can be used for things like insomnia.

Here are my favourite lavender products keeping me calm in lockdown and making my skin happy, too.

Soothe your skin

Temple Spa - Toning Essence (150ml, £16)

As the weather warms up, I tend to wear less makeup and take better care of my skin. I’m a sucker for face mists and toners as they feel so refreshing and I can keep them in my bag to top up throughout the day. Temple Spa’s Toning Essence is alcohol-free which is best for sensitive skin and has the most refreshing yet calming scent. The key ingredients are all Mediterranean staples: lemon, melon, oranges and, of course, lavender. My skin feels so much more hydrated after using it and it transports me instantly to the summers I’ve spent in Turkey with my family. It’s nostalgia in a bottle.

Calm your mind

Germaine De Capuccini - Zen Attitude Anti-Stress Oil (10ml, £27.85)

Roll-on aromatherapy oils are all the rage: applied to pulse points they are said to improve mood, but also smell great. I like to apply mine throughout the day to my wrists, my temples and to the back of my ears. Occasionally, I like to just take a moment to inhale it straight from its bottle and enjoy the aroma. Zen Attitude has such a subtle scent, yet one whiff of the mint oil clears my sinuses. The lavender helps soothe me (I find myself smelling my wrists constantly, it’s so addictively sweet smelling). The sleek black glass packaging is also a bonus.

De-stress your tresses

Natural Spa Factory - Wild Lavender, Comfrey Root & Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml,£21)

Hair washing can be very therapeutic, especially when I give myself a mini head massage when rubbing in the product. My scalp has been dry and itchy lately, and this shampoo has helped immensely due to the antiseptic properties of lavender. It has a soothing and subtle scent, too. The conditioner is equally lovely to use and super-nourishing for the ends of my hair which have been so lifeless and dull. This duo is vegan-friendly and free of any parabens, all the more reason to love them.

Chill your space

Germaine De Capuccini - Aromatherapy Candle (£30.95, 40hr burn)

I don’t know what I’d do without my spa candles: they instantly transform my home into a tranquil haven. I use them to set the mood for a spa ritual, to relax in the evening or just whenever I feel like inhaling beautiful scents and being transported in my mind to a spa. This aromatherapy candle is made with 100% essential oils, the key note being lavender which is so sweetly relaxing. I light it for a few hours while relaxing in my room before bedtime.

...and sleep

Pink’s Boutique - Organic Linen and Room Elixir (100ml, £17.50)

Lavender is the go-to sleep aid, whether as an essential oil for your diffuser or a pillow mist. This room elixir is non-toxic and contains essential oils and natural ingredients. I spray all over my bedsheets and pillow, lay down, and slip into serenity.

My lockdown saviours

Favourite TV: Le Casa de Papel (Money Heist): Already an internet craze.

YouTube highlights: I regularly go back to this meditation exercise from my favourite YouTuber. She does a lot of videos on veganism, mental health and much more.

Spas are sadly closed but you can support your favourite spa with a  voucher purchase to treat yourself or a loved one when normal life resumes. Visit your spa on Good Spa Guide and look for ‘Gift Vouchers’ on the right hand side.  If the link is not there, try visiting the spa’s website.


Serene Spy

1st May 2020

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Soft fluffy robes, imaginative vegetarian food, products that combine luxury with strong eco credentials and spas which look after their therapists’ wellbeing too.

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Showers that aren't spotless, snootiness and having to get dressed for lunch.

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